Anime Fall 2019 Review Group 1

Part 9

Assassin’s Pride

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Episode 10

An opportunity has come up for Melida to prove that she is truly the heir to the Angel House and is the daughter of Felgus Angel. A certification Exam held in the Vibria Goat, a labyrinth in the center of Flandore. Usually the exam is for second years and up, but Melida and Ellie has an exception. The Luna Lumiere Tournament was interrupted, so Melida and Ellie did not get a chance to participate as the chosen girls for the school.

Meanwhile, a meeting was being held by unidentified people discussing the fact that the mana of Melida is unlike that of a Paladin, like her father. The tow who brought these people a sample of Melida’s mana are Mule and Salacha, the girls from St. d’Autriche. The people in the meeting all decide that Melida and House Angel must be exposed for the sake of Flandore.

Later on Melida is arriving at her school, when a strange man who claims he is really Melida’s father arrives. Looks like this was the beginning of the plan to expose Melida and the Angel House.

While Melida was taking the exam, Kufa had to deal with her actual father, Felgus. Felgus wanted to take Melida out of the school for fear of Melida causing the Angel House more problems, but then a threatening letter was given to Kufa and Felgus that stated that Melida and Ellie will come into harm.

The exam has begun. Though the exam did not start off the best, Melida and Ellie made dealt with together. They defeated the ghosts that haunted the labyrinth, but before they knew even more showed up. Then suddenly, Mule and Salacha appeared to help Melida and Ellie out. What ulterior motive do they have planned?

Episode 11

The four girls made it to start of the exam trial, which was putting books into their correct spot. Kinda boring even with the added difficulty of the books having a special code that Mule had to decipher to find out the correct locations of each book. Once all of the books were put away, the four girls passed their exam.

Well, come to find out, it was the wrong exam that they took. Mule and Salacha, mainly Mule, brought Melida and Ellie to an easier trial just to get Melida’s book that proved that she passed the exam. In that book, was a detailed description of what class and type of mana she had. She is a Samurai, like Kufa who gave her some of his mana, not Paladin, like she should have if she was a member of House Angel.

Salacha felt guilty about deceiving Melida and Ellie and confessed that this was all a trap. Mule ran off with Melida’s book, but they were able to catch up to her in no time. Mule and Salacha were acting on orders from House Shicksal, Salacha’s family house.

At the last moment, Mule activates the books around her trapping her and Melida inside a swirling vortex of book pages.

Meanwhile, the other girls and the headmistress of St. Friedeswiede were ambushed by the Guild Grimfice. They them off the best they could but were outnumbered and outmatched.

Kufa and unexpectedly William Gin, a former member of Grimfice, joined the fight and helped take out Crodoll, an artificial lycanthrope from the guild Grimfice. Together Kufa and Gin took out Crodoll and saved the girls, although the headmistress was severely wounded.

After the battle, Kufa races off to find Melida. Kufa then makes a comment that if Melida would lose her life, it would be by his hand and his hand alone.

Though he is loyal to Melida, it seems he is more loyal to his job and hi mission: to kill Melida if she is found out not to be the true heir to the Angel family.

Episode 12

The spell book that Mule activated brought Melida, Ellie, Salacha,a nd Mule all to teh world of Alice and the Wonderland. In that world, Melida was to stand trial for being an imposter of the Angel house and lying to the people of Flandore.

The judge, Salacha’s brother but his face hidden behind a mask, and the juors are the other people who were in attendance in the secretive meeting.

Melida verbally fought back telling them all that her class does not mean that she is not of the Angel House. The judge rebuked that if she is of the Angel House and possess the power of a Paladin then a fight with a lesser House should be easy. Melida agreed and her opponent was to be Salacha, though she did not want to do it, she felt she had no choice.

The battle between Salacha and Melida was one sided, according to the jurors, but at close inspection Melida was on top and seemed to be toying with Salancha. Salancha fell for Melida’s tripping and rushed an attack. In that moment, Melida countered Salacha and won the battle.

Salancha’s brother, the judge, was furious, and the jurors were scared that if Melida truly is of House Angel then they all just committed treason. The judge was not going to let anyone escape alive to tell the truth about what happened. Earlier on, Salacha’s brother gave Salancha a magical pen, with the intent behind the pen unknown to Salancha. The judge activated the pen and a dragon made out of ink emerged form the ink and began attacking everyone.

Now realizing their mistake, Mule and Salacha helped Melida and Ellie evacuate everyone out of the book and to safety. Then suddenly the imposter man who claimed to be Melida’s true father appeared to take out Melida and the rest.

Just as the imposter was going to attack Melida, Kufa appeared and together they defeated the imposter.

After the events of the exam and the girls were back safely, many newspaper articles began spreading around Flandore by people claiming to be Melida’s true father. But because of the events inside of the book, the truth that everyone learned could not be silenced. The matter was taken care of by Serge Shicksal, the judge in the trial, Salacha’s older brother, and the head of the conspiracy against Melida, probably thanks to Salacha. His actions against Melida were never revealed and the conspiracy against her was squashed.

In the end, Felgus, Melida’s father, acknowledged her power and even made a comment saying that a distant grandmother of theirs was said to be that of the Samurai class and that Melida looks quite like her.

Melida burst into tears at her father finally openly acknowledging that Melida is of teh Angel House.


Val X Love

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Episode 11

The final battle has begun.

The Valkyrie’s plan is to have Futaba attack alone and distract Shuld from Takuma and Ichika from sneaking up behind and taking out Roskva before she can power up Shuld.

Futaba continuously takes a beating but she never falters and never lets their home get destroyed. The remaining Valkyries are staying behind protected by a shield wall that Futaba erected to protect them since their levels are not high enough to fight in the battle.

A rare sight is the last remaining sister, Shino. she has only ever appeared in a horned metal helmet and wearing a long black robe. Her ability consists of creating the barriers that allow the Valkyries to fight the akuma without getting the humans involved. Her actual appearance is that of a voluptuous long silver haired beauty.

While Takuma and Ichika are running through the city trying to get a vantage pint behind Shuld, something does not feel right to Takuma. Unfortunately, he figured it out a little too late to tell Ichika before she went on the attack. The problem was that the number of eggs that Shuld first summoned did not match the akuma that were out and the remaining eggs, one was missing.

Right as Ichika made striking contact with Shuld, Roskva appeared and activated the missing egg that she put inside her. She transformed into an akuma and attacked Ichika. Takuma jumped toward Ichika and managed to get her away from a direct attack, but now their plan is ruined and now they have to retreat.

The retreat into a nearby park, where Ichika begins to tell Takuma to run away and leave her behind. Takuma, frustrated that he cannot be useful and protect the girls decides to act a bit brash and force a level up with Ichika.

Ichika is surprised and asks him what he is doing. he proceeds to explain to her that though he does not particularly like Ichika for her harsh and violent ways he feel that he must do something to protect Ichika and the other girls.

Ichika, remembering a conversation between her and her father, talking about her ideal mate. Ichika tells her father that she doesn’t care to have a mate but instead have someone who wants to protect her sisters.

And with that Ichika finally accepted Ichika as a lover and as a lover for her sisters. She was able to level up, just a little, as well as Takuma being able to activate his abilities as the Einherjar.

The fight continues and is far from over.

Episode 12

The battle still raging on, but Natsuki decides to join the fight. With Takuma’s new found powers he leveled up Natsuki instantly which allowed her to fight alongside Futaba and Ichika.

The three of the Valkyries were able to back Shuld into corner. Shuld would have to do something if she planned on coming out on top. Shuld combined with Roskva to create a powerful being.

Shuld easily destroyed the barrier that Shino made forcing the real world to collide with the battle. Shuld summoned a massive attack that was going to wipe out the Valkyries, but Takuma protected them and with his abilities destroyed her attack and strengthened Natsuki and Ichika in order to defeat Shuld.

Shuld took Roskva and retreated. On her way out he contacted her comrades telling them that she failed but also asking them if they succeeded in their mission.

Garm and Ullr’s mission was to infiltrate the home of the Valkyries once the barrier was destroyed and take Mistilteinn, a very powerful Asgardian treasure that stores a large amount of aether.

Though the home was infiltrated, Misa was able to protect the others with her thread ability. But Garm decided to attack Misa and pierce his claws right through her.

Shortly after, once Takuam, Futaba, Natsuki, and Ichika made it back to the house they began healing Misa. Takuma mentioned that he has healed her body but her soul is missing from her body, Misa has died.

Takuma, not giving up, traveled to Nilfheim where her soul resided and got it back.

The battle is now over, Misa is fully recovered, and school is back to normal.

At school, Takuma believes that he has failed to do well on the tests and that he has not lived up to the promise that he made with his belated mother, to tried hard and make better grades. But to Takuma’s surprise, he actually scored at the top of his class. His eyes watered up knowing that he was finally able to keep the promise that he made to mother and made her proud.

Back at home, Takuma had to tell the Mutsumi, Natsuki, and Itsuyo that he loved them and everyone else. Although it was important to be said and needed to be said, he could of waited and not barged in while the girls were undressing. But I guess that is what a little bit of fan service needs.

In the end, the three girls realized that they too love Takuma and hope that one day he will choose only one of them as their one and only lover.


Z/X Code Reunion

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Episode 11

Ena, the harbinger of Dunamis, attacks the teams in orbit. All but Team E is sent hurdling back to the ground. Team E is left to face their friend alone.

Team A, now Team S since the previous Team S moved away and Team A took their spot, tries to make it back to he orbital transporter, but Ena powers up an attack and destroys the transporter.

During that attack, team E was trying to get through to Ena and for a brief second, Ena snapped out of her trance and showed her real self. Azumi saw this this and knew that Ena was not completely lost and that they could not give up on her.

The girls were going to be dragged back down to the ground and evacuate with the rest of the teams, but Coach Ira, Team E’s coach, put a stop to the countdown to bring them back and trusted that the girls could bring Ena back to her real self.

Ena, who is revealed to be controlled by some woman who says she is God of Dunamis. Ena also is revealed to be a lifeform born from this God of Dunamis for the sole purpose of being a pawn for Dunamis.

Ena launches an attack against Team E but Rigel and Azumi protect the other girls by finally activating their Overboost. Their Overboost was activated by the resolve that Azumi and Rigel have for one another to protect each other and to save Ena.

Together, team E was able to break down Ena’s shields. With Ena’s shields broken, they have a chance of reaching through to the real Ena and save her from the control of Dunamis.

Episode 12

Now that Ena is free from the control of God, all is right and the threat is over, right?

Well, all except for the Inerma that is still coming out from the moon and planning on destroying the entire planet. Seems like the girls are not done yet.

Now that they are all back together, they reform team E to its entirety and fight off the Moon sized Inerma. They all transform back into their Overboost modes abd take on the Inerma. Ena and even Shuri transform in their Overboost forms. Through Shuri’s act of valor and strength, her partner, Muramassa, has accpeted her and joined as one with her to achieve Overboost. Ena’s true Overboost looks like a beautiful angel.

Together, they break through to the Inerma’s core and destroy the core and the Inerma itself. The threat of the Inerma is over and the girls return back to the ground, where the other teams and faculty awaits them.

But, due to Ena breaking free from the control of the Dunamis God she also lost the power that was sustaining her body. She is quickly rushed away for treatment in the hopes that she can become full human and live a normal life like the rest.

The battle now over, he girls await for Ena’s return but are told that it may be a while before she can return. The girls decide to write her letters in the meantime to show their love and support for her eventual return.

In a surprise statement, Yuni makes a comment on her excitement for when the school will start back up, shocking everyone since Yuni is the one who hates school work the most.

All of a sudden they get a knock on their dorm house door. Azumi answers it and finds everyone, the other teams and faculty, waiting outside. Coach Ira explains that since the rest of the island including the school was destroyed, all living arrangements and school lessons will be held out of Team E’s run down dorm house.

Looks like even though hey saved the world, Team E will be stuck with the run down dorm house for a bit more.


Kandagawa Jet Girls

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Episode 10

A little of a side story for Namiki and Misa, with the context of upgrading the Orcano’s power unit to make the Orcano faster during races.

The members at the jet racing club need to make at least 200,000 yen for a decent power unit or 300,000 yen for the latest power unit. They all get a part time job during the summer break and managed to collect 180,000 yen.

Namiki gets a call from Jennifer and Emily asking for help at Jennifer’s aunt’s restaurant on the beach. They were told that they could make 10,000 yen each, just enough to buy the power unit that they needed.

The restaurant did so well that Namiki and Misa received bonus since the restaurant sold out completely and made well over projected profit. Though they were still short to buy the better power unit.

Namiki, Misa, Jennifer, and Emily decided to head to the beach and have some relaxing fun. Suddenly the freinds and rivals that Namiki and Misa have made throughout their races show up. The Baba girls and the divas from Hell’s Kitchen all showed up, wearing bikinis.

The whole episode seemed like a forced fan service plot to be entertaining by showing off the girls in swimsuits.

Anyway, the girls see a sign promoting a beach volleyball tournament with a 100,000 yen prize. All of the girls enter for fun except for Namiki and Misa, who needed the money if they wanted to buy the better power unit.

All of the girls make it to the semifinals where Hell’s kitchen faced off against Jennifer and Emily. Hell’s kitchen won and moved on to the finals. Namiki and Misa faced off against the Baba girls, and the last time they competed with them in a sports game they lost badly. But this time Namiki and Misa’s teamwork were better and they were able to beat the Baba girls and move on to the finals.

In the finals, both sides were evenly matched and the game could go to either team. But then the diva’s manager interrupted the match and dragged the diva’s back to a photo shoot that they snuck off from, making Namiki and Misa the winners by default.

Now Namiki and Misa can afford the better power unit for the Orcano and have a better chance in the Kandagawa Cup.

Episode 11

Okay, so kinda disappointing that there were no races showing that Namiki and Misa made it to the finals, but, yeah, they made it to the finals of the Kandagawa Cup.

The races do not start immediately, so this gives Namiki and Misa a chance to practice more with the Orcano and the new power unit. Though the Orcano has a new power unit to increase its speed, Namiki and Misa’s results are still the same. They deduce that Namiki may not be using the new power of the Orcano to its fullest potential.

Namiki tells the team that she is piloting like her mother did and copying her moves, the problem with that is that back then the machines were quite different and the piloting has changed since then. Namiki feels lost and decides to go back home to visit her mother’s grave and get some inspiration while there.

Meanwhile, Misa does her own training with the Sea Serpents team, the team that tied with in the first race of the prelims.

Namiki visits her mother’s grave and expectantly meets up with the girls from Hell’s Kitchen. The girls explain that they came to the island to pay respect to the jet racer that inspired them to start racing, Namiki’s mother. Namiki received some inspiration from them from some words that her mother told the Hell’s Kitchen girls many years ago, “You and I are two different people. Just be yourself.” Those words made Namiki remember that her mother told her when she was little to do things differently and find your own way.

Even Misa had some inspiration from her training. Fuuka Tamaki of Sea Serpents told Misa that she had gone through a lot of partners until she found Inori, who accepted Tamaki and who she was.

Misa’s past still haunts her with not living up to the standards of her older sister who was an amazing jet racing shooter. many people thought that Misa would be just as good as her older sister, but when she lost a few races people would say mean things about her ability as a jet racing shooter to the point that Misa had given up on jet racing until Namiki came along.

Once back from both of their trips having a new found inspiration to move froward, Misa needed to get her past off of her chest and trust in Namiki to be able to tell Namiki her past.

Episode 12

Just before the final race, Namiki and Misa revealed to each other the things that they needed to get off their chest. Misa tol her past about her sister, and Namiki revealed that she had been wrong for copying her mother’s way of racing and that she had to find her own way of racing.

Together, they will find their own way of racing.

A little different this time with the races, all six teams that made it to the finals are racing each other. Six teams, one final race, but only one winner.

The race begins and Hell’s Kitchen takes an early lead. They are soon slowed down and loose the lead by the combined shots of Team Dress and Team Sea Serpents.

Team Dress and Team Sea Serpents battle it out for first while Team Hell’s Kitchen, Team Unkai Surfers remain close behind. Team MKHU and Team Kandagawa Jet Girls battling it out in the rear.

Once out of the tunnel, the Sea Serpents try to boost ahead to get some shots off on team Dress, but Team Dress follows suit and boosts right past them. Though both teams used their boosts at the same time, the Sea serpents boost remained active longer and they were able to clench the lead.

Following behind the lead teams, Hell’s Kitchen, Unkai Surfers, MKHU, and Kandagaws Jet Girls all used their boost. The positions have not changed much, but there is much to the race left for Namiki and Misa to catch up and win.

Back inside the tunnel to a surprise by everyone, the Kandagawa jet Girls uses their boost. quite dangerous in tunnel with the chances of crashing extremely high, but Namiki and Misa pull it off in their own way leaving MKHU, Unkai Surfers, and Hell’s Kitchen behind. Only two more teams to beat for first place.

MKHU follows Kandagawa jet Girls with a boost of their own, but it doesn’t end the smae way. They end up taking out Unkai Surfers and Hell’s Kitchen by accidentally crashing into them, taking all three teams out of the race. The only remaining teams are Kandagawa Jet Girls, Sea Serpents, and Dress.

The Sea Serpents and Dress continue to battle it out. Both teams continuously take shots at one another but few seem to hit. Just them Misa comes from behind landing a well placed shot at the Sea Serpents machine. Kandagawa Jet Girls and Dress team up, for this once, to take out Sea Serpents and force a power cut on their machine, and in this final race that essentially means that they have no chance of catching back up and are out of the race.

Now with two teams left, Kandagawa Jet Girls and Dress, they battle it out for first. With both shooters out of ammo, it’s now up to the drivers to clench the victory.

Both teams use their boost for the final stretch of race.

The Kandagawa Jet Girls gain the lead but Dress closes in the gap quickly.

As the finish line nears both team are neck and neck.


Kandagawa Jet Girls nudge past Dress to win the race. The Kandagawa Jet Girls are the winners!

Namiki and Misa celebrate with their club mates as well as the friends they made through Jet racing. Going forward, Namiki and Misa will only get better, so everyone better train hard if they want to beat the Kandagawa Jet girls..


Thanks for reading.

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  1. all and all jet girls sucked and those who made it should be ashamed for selling something that did nothing in its entire season and failed to deliver on every front worse than valkyrie drive.


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