Anime 2019 Fall Reviews Group 2

Part 8

Azur Lane

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Episode 9

The battle is over and everyone is back in their homelands, well all except for Ayanami. She is now a prisoner of war in Azur Lane.

Javelin and Laffey are punished for disobeying orders and sentenced to watch over Ayanami while she is in Azur Lane, kinda a sweet punishment. Under Javelin and Laffey’s “supervision,” Ayanami is shown around Azur Lane to become acquainted with its grounds and to buy things that she may need for her stay. Ayanami is still confused and wonders why everyone is so nice to her even though she is the enemy.

During the night, Ayanami steps out to get some fresh air and she meets Enterprise. Enterprise even jokes with her a bit, teasing her if she is trying to escape. Ayanami of course responds no, and Enterprise smiles. Ayanami and Enterprise talk about war and that they both hate fighting.

After talking with Enterprise, Ayanami makes her way to hill that overlooks the sea. Suddenly Unicorn’s little unicorn rolls up to her. Ayanami picks it up and sees JAvelin, Laffey, and Unicorn all standing there smiling at her. They all walk over to her and reintroduce themselves like they did when they first met. This scene is a nod to the scene in the beginning episodes where they met each other on the same hill.

Though episode 9 does not serve too much plot into it, it does serve as a forwarding dilemma with Ayanami and her dislike of fighting. If she does go back to the Sakura Empire, she would have to once again fight against the people that she has grown close to.

Episode 10

The very first scene of episode 10 shows a nightmare that Enterprise is having about the future. We have seen this nightmare before when Enterprise was in possession of the black cube. The nightmare shows the casualties of war, bodies floating in a sea of fire.

Meanwhile the heads of the Sakura Empire deem it unwise to continue with project Orochi, the plan that Akagi was spearheading, and stop all testing. This infuriates Kaga who sees as a betrayal to Akagi and her sacrifice. Kaga alone decides that she will continue with Orochi for the sake of Akagi’s will. The Siren’s have plagued Akagi’s mind with ideas that with the power of the cube, her dreams will come reality. Akagi’s dream, or will, is to bring back her elder sister that she lost in a peaceful world.

Back at Azur Lane, Enterprise is seen walking down a hallway hallucinating her nightmare from before. Though it may seem like the hallucination is due to fatigue, it may be because the black cube is tormenting Enterprise’s mind. SHe is found by Belfast and is brought to her bed to rest. But she awakens shortly after and tries to get back up. She tells Belfast that she is useless in her current state but that she cannot do anything else but fight since that is why she was made. Belfast having enough of her pity talk, takes her by the collar and brings her to the kitchen to eat a healthy meal and to get a better attitude.

But, while members of Azur Lane are examining the black cube, they are attacked by a lone Siren. This Siren steals the cube. A battle erupts between the Siren and several members of Azur Lane. Soon after the Siren summons a fleet of mass produced siren ships to fight. The battle seems deadlocked.

Meanwhile in the Sakura Empire, Kaga is preparing the Orochi for its main departure. She awakens the Orochi and sails out to meet Azur Lane bring forth the will of Akagi.


Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode Oracle

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Episode 9

The Rampaging Dragon has returned.

While Echo and a search party head back to Naverius to look for Zeno, the Rampaging Dragon starts to attack and kill members of the search party. The search is called off and is ordered to return, but Echo stay behind and continues to look for Zeno on her own.

When Ash learns of Echo staying behind, he joins the Dragon extermination team to go look for Echo and bring her back to the ship. Echo does not want to give up looking for Zeno, so Ash tells her that he will continue the search while he rests up back on the ship.

While searching, Ash gets caught in a small avalanche that sends him off a cliff. At the bottom of the cliff he finds some old bunker and investigates.

Ash finds an old man that had been living in that bunker for three years. Ash tries to find a way to communicate with him, but the old man doesn’t know much, except for the the old man kept repeating, Haddred is out there.” Soon after Ash gets a call from headquarters saying that Falspawn are attacking ARKS members. Ash responds and makes his way to back his comrades.

He arrives to back up his comrades and they take out the Falspawn, but the ARKS members are acting very strangely, like rabid animals. They begin attacking Ash, but the blue haired ninja like girl that Ash met before intervenes and kills the two rabid ARKS members.

She vanishes and runs away and locates more rabid ARKS members. Her plan was to kill the ARKS member that was going mad, but just then the Rampaging Dragon appeared. She then called out to it, calling it Haddred. The plot comes full circle.

Ash catches up to the ninja girl and then they are dragged inside a Falspawn portal. They are surrounded by Falspawn, but suddenly Haddred, the Rampaging Dragon, appears and sort of saves them. Haddred destroys the portal, and Ash and the council member are freed.

Just before Haddred leapt into a portal to escape, the ninja girl called Haddred a traitor.

Ash questions the ninja girl on Haddred, and she is quick to question Ash on where he heard that name. Ash told her that he heard it from some old man in a bunker that he found. She vanished away from Ash’s sight but unbeknownst to Ash, she followed him back to the bunker.

Back at the bunker, the old man told Ash that there was an organization called Void that did experiments in the bunker on ARKS augmentations and a secret experiment on a living weapon they called an Experimental Draconian, Haddred. The old man also told Ash that Haddred went crazy and killed all of the staff at the bunker facility, all but the other ARKS experiments.

Before Ash could dive much deeper into what happened, the council member appeared. The old man became frightened, and then we find out her name, Quna. Quna has some past his this old man and the experiments.

With Quna actions earlier and her mention of targets on her list that she has to kill, it seems to suggest that the experiments of this facility that survived and the targets on Quna’s list might be one in the same.

And yep, Quna reveals that she and Haddred were raised inside this bunker as test subjects for the experiments.

Episode 10

Quna curses the old man and tells him that he can rot in the facility until he dies in there. Quna leaves the facility and leaves her past there behind.

Ash follows her to see how she is doing, but then Casra appears. He shows the path projection of Haddred and the target list that Quna is tasked with, and they match. Haddred is taking out the targets that Quna is supposed to take out herself. Is he doing the job for her so that she doesn’t have to kill her own comrades or is he just drawn to the targets? the answer is not clear, but Quna knows that Haddred must be stopped.

Quna and Ash go the spot under the largest tree on Naverius, which is Quna and Haddred’s favorite spot, and Quna sings to Haddred to draw him out.

When Haddred appears, she knows she must kill him. She tells Ash to stay out of the fight for it must be her that kills Haddred. It is an emotional fight between them.

Quna manages to easily subdue Haddred. Before Haddred dies, Quna sings to him one last time.

This scene by far is one of the best scenes in this entire series. It brought a tear to my eye seeing Quna, with a strong bond to Haddred, having to kill him to stop his killing caused by the experiments done to him by scientists.

Later on, a concert is being held by a popular idol in the fleet. Ash attends the concert and recognizes the words that the idol singer is saying about the bonds between family and friends and that the song she is about to sing is dedicated to that bond. Ash realizes that the idol is in fact Quna, who is disguised as the idol singer.

As the concert goes on, a visage of Xion appears to Ash and tells him of events upcoming that he will be dragged into. Just then the mystery man behind the scenes throughout the series appears and begins conversing with Xion, although he cannot see see her. This man’s name is Luther.

Luther reveals to Ash the he is the President of Void, the organization that conducted the experiments on ARKS augmentation and the experiments on experimental dragons. Before Xion disappears, she warns Ash about Luther, and that the future events that Ash will be involved with also will involve Luther.


No Guns Life

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Episode 9

Beruhren is hiding some secrets beneath the surface of their company. The one responsible for the shooting of Armed was in fact Berhren. The assassin’s who killed Armed were hired by Beruhren to kill Armed and tie up loose ends. Though Armed was the one who first started the murders those years ago, it was Beruhren that kept them going.

Now that the incident with Armed is over, Juzo can get back to his normal life, well normalish life. Tetsuro begs Juzo to let him partner with Juzo and to let him help him with his jobs. Juzo declines, saying that Tetsuro has a target on his back and that he doesn’t need help from someone that can defend himself.

Meanwhile, Mary has moved into the same building as Juzo and not long after a familiar face to Mary show up. His name is Colt, an Extended that Mary has helped in the past. Colt explains to Mary that a big job is coming up and that with the money from the job he will be able to pay Mary back as well as pay for his mother’s operation, that she received from Beruhren.

The operation was supposed to allow Colt’s mother to return to working but it instead fried her sub-brain and not she cannot do much of anything. This is not the only case like this, but Beruhren is covering up the fallback with their control over the media.

When Colt was leaving Mary’s shop he stole some medicine from her that he needed fro this upcoming job. Tetsuro saw him take it and he followed Colt. They had an altercation, and Colt was impressed by Tetsuro. Colt told Tetsuro that if he wanted in on the job then he was to meet him at a determined destination.

Mary then pops up behind Tetsuro asking him where Colt ran off to. Mary explains that the part that Colt gave her for exchange of the repair on his Extends was created by her brother. Mary has been looking for her brother, Victor, for many years now, and the reason why she became an Extended engineer was in the hopes of finding her brother.

Seems likely that Tetsuro is going to take the job, and the job will act as some type of conflict for Tetsuro.

Meanwhile, Juzo receives a visit from a client, the chief of the Security Bureau, who requests that Juzo find someone. The man that Juzo is to hunt down is Colt and the person who hired Colt. An interesting, somewhat predictable, way to come full circle with the story.

Episode 10

Mary tags along with Tetsuro as he tries to meet up with Colt at the location Colt told him about. The location is at a public ceremony being held for Armed and his “heroic” death. But before they meet Colt, a bomb goes off and in the air jumping from building to building, Mary and Tetsuro see Colt.

They manage to catch up to Colt, and he explains that the targets for job are the Beruhren elites. Due to the explosion, all of the Beruhren elite members are escorted onto train to be taken to a safe location. On that train, Colt planted a bomb. Unfortunately for Colt, Beruhren anticipated a terrorist attack and fake the elites getting on to actual train. Instead what was on the train were the innocent people that attended the ceremony.

With the remote detonator destroyed, Colt has no option but to manually activate the bomb. Tetsuro, who hijacked a security bot, went after Colt to stop him from blowing up the train. Now both Tetsuro and Colt are in danger, with the bomb armed and about to explode and the guards on top of the train trying to capture them, it looks quite bleak for them.

As Colt tries to take the bomb and throw it away from the train, he is gunned down. Tetsuro quickly propels over to him and swipes the bomb from Colt and throws it to a safe distance. After the Bomb explodes, Tetsuro takes Colt and escapes.

When Mary find the both, Colt is knocking on death’s door. Tetsuro and Mary try to get Colt on his feet but then he springs up saying that he is alright excepts for that he cannot walk on his own.

Tetsuro tales control of his legs and carries him home like Colt asked him to. Once home, Colt looks up at his sisters in the window and collapses to ground dead from his wounds.

Meanwhile, Juzo kinda had it easy with hunting down the other man in the picture who is part of the terrorist group that hired Colt. Juzo managed to find him and capture him for the Security Bureau. But, right before the Bureau was about to take him away, Juzo asked the man about something that he mentioned earlier about Juzo looking exactly like “he” said. The man responded saying that the “he” was Victor and that Victor is looking forward to seeing Juzo real soon.

Looks like Victor, Mary’s brother might be mixed up in the terrorist group.


Special 7: Special Crime Investigation Unit

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Episode 9

The team is tasked with transporting a member of Nine who was involved in the incident nine years ago. The incident nine years ago took place at an airport, and that is where the team is picking up the suspect, Taisuke. He is part responsible for the bombs and solely responsible for the events that dragged Nanatsuki, Luca, Ichinose, and Nijo together.

The episode flips back and forth between flashback and present.

In the collective flashbacks, Ichinose and Luca were heading to the airport to pick up Nijo. This would have been the first time Nijo and Ichinose would have met. As they were driving, the first bomb went off. When they arrived it was a state of complete chaos. They overheard that there were hostages and that the team to get them out safely were not present. SO, Ichinose and Luca decided to go after the hostages as soon as Luca heard that Nijo only had minor scrapes.

They managed to save the hostages, but were informed that one boy, Nanatsuki, was taken away by none other than Taisuke. Luca went to find Nanatsuki, which is where Luca and Nantsuki first met. Luca met Taisuke and was shot, but not killed. That is when Luca must have met Warlock, and that is when Warlock must have done something to Luca.

Nanatsuki met the Warlock, the long white haired man throughout the series, and apparently he dis something to Nantsuki. We can assume that whatever Warlock did to Nanatsuki are the reasons why he manages to escape serious or life threatening injury.

In the present time while Taisuke is being transported, the transport car is attacked. The only thing that they are able to do to get away from the shooters is to drive smash through the road barrier and crash into a building on the other side.

In this building they wait for backup. Ichinose tries to call Bellemer to get an update but has to go outside because of bad reception. Unbeknownst to Ichinose, it was Nijo who was using a signal blocker so that he could talk to Taisuke alone. Bellemer tells Ichinose that Taisuke is to be transported to a hotel.

Nijo points a gun to Taisuke’s head and tells him that he wants revenge for the part that he played in his brothers fate. Ichinose walks back in and sees Nijo pointing his gun. It then clicks in his head that Nijo is the brother of Luca. Ichinose tells Nijo that is killing Taisuke the thing that Luca would have wanted. Nijo, respecting his brother over all else, lowers his gun.

When back arrives they ready to move out to the hotel.

At the hotel, all is calm while bringing Taisuke to the safe room. But unbeknown to everyone, Luca has infiltrated the police officers. At the safe room, two officers are posted outside the room: one regular officer and the other is Luca.

Once they enter the room, a bomb goes off. The rest of the team, is outside when the bomb goes off and they fear the worst has happened to their teammates. Ichinose and Nantsuki are fine but Taisuke’s not. As he dies he hands something to Nanatsuki, his eye. The eye probably is fake and may hold information about Nine and Warlock’s planes.

Episode 10

Continuing from aftermath of the explosion, Nijo follows a lone officer that he is suspicious of. That officer is his brother. Nijo comes face to face with his brother once again, and this time Nijo wants answers.

Luca, apparently has no memory of his former identity and it seems that whatever Warlock did to Luca wiped his memory of his past.

Luca the points his gun at Nijo and shoots him. Upon seeing Luca in pain seems to have an effect on his mental state as memories of him and Nijo start to flood his head. Luca runs off, leaving Nijo with only a minor injuriy due to the bullet not puncturing his body, probably because of a bullet proof vest under his clothing.

The following day, the trial fro Warlock of Nine begins. The only problem, the man that we know is Warlock is actually acting as the lawyer for some someone who is acting as Warlock.

Two police officers come and get the lawyer, Warlock, but one of those officers shoots the other once Warlock leaves the room. It looks like something is going to happen in that courtroom.

As Warlock enter the courtroom, he declares that the man on trial is innocent. The judge looks at him with shock, demanding evidence. The evidence that he presents is a shot magic fired at the judge and a declaration that he is the real Warlock. Warlock then disposes of his imposter with magic and declares the world is his and his alone.

He starts to attack the people in the courtroom until Nanatsuki steps in and deflects his magic.

Just when things could not get any worse, the rest of Special 7 find out that their headquarters is surrounded by Public Safety. I suspect that Warlock has the Public Safety in his pockets.

Back in the courtroom, Warlock spouts on about how Nanatsuki should be thanking him and that the only reason that he survived that day was because Nanatsuki stole the power of the dragons that resided in the Warlock.

A flashback to the day nine years ago reveals that Nanatsuki was shot and essentially killed by Warlock, but he also ended up stealing some type of power that was meant to be Warlocks, but somehow transferred into Nanatsuki saving his life.

The Warlock shows Nanatsuki what has become of Luca, the man that save Nanatsuki nine years ago. He makes Nantasuki feel heavy guilt by telling him that Luca died to save him. Just then Ichinose comes running in and flees with Nanatsuki in hand.

As they flee, they get a call from Bellemer telling them to go to Special 7 headquarters but instead go to the restaurant that they frequent. Nanatsuki follows, but has a heavy heart and a heavy heart about what Warlock revealed to him. The man that he was inspired by to become an officer of justice, lost his “life” and his justice because Nanatsuki.

At the restaurant, the team catches up with one another about the events that have transpired recently and what situation they are in. The situation is that Special 7 is now the enemy of Public Safety, Nanatsuki has the power of a dragon, and Warlock wants to create a terrorist attack, like the one nine years ago, but on a larger scale.

The plan that they come up with in dealing with Warlock is to have Nanatsuki defeat him and the rest back him up. Not the smoothest and safest of plans, but the best one they have in light of their overall situation.

Ichinose takes Nanatsuki, who is clearly having a hard time with this revelation, and consoles him as Nanatsuki cries out that he should of just died that day.


Thanks for reading.

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