Anime 2019 fall Reviews Group 2

Part 9

Azur Lane

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Episode 11 and 12 will not be released until March 2020. As soon as these episodes come out, a review for them will follow shortly after.


Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode Oracle

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Episode 11

So, we meet a new rave caused by a spatial phenomenon when the Rampaging Dragon was killed. His DNA merged with the DNA of Falspwan and created the Deuman race. The problem is that everyone knows of Duemans except for Ash. Because of his involvement with the dragon, Ash’s memory was not altered.

Soon after Afin finds Ash and tell him the they are going to a newly found planet, Wopal. They were there to explore, but then Falspawn attacked. Ash fought off the Falspawn while Afin and Echo got the other people to safety.

Theodor, who is still mentally broken over the lose of his best friend, decided to jump in the fight and take out the Falspawn before Ash got a chance.

Then Luther showed up, wanting to talk with Theodor and recruit Theodor for his purposes, took Theodor leaving Ash to wonder what Luther is up to.

A lpt of people are just popping out of nowhere in this episode. Because then, Sarah, who Ash has met briefly only a few times before, takes Ash to her hideout to meet someone the considers himself the little brother of Xion. His name is Xiao.

Xiao explains to Ash that Luther is in control of ARKS and that he is a threat to ARKS as well. Xiao tells Ash that he is need to help change events and to put ARKS back in control of itself.

Xiao then transports Ash back in time where he meets Sarah and the mecha woman of the Council of Six, Maria. This would be the actual first time that Ash meets either of them.

Just then Zeno shows up fighting the Gettemhult Dark Faltz. The three of them join the fight against Dark Faltz Elder. the events of the past were about to change, until the masked man that keeps appearing before Ash appeared and gave Dark Faltz the chance to awaken his full body.

Though they were not able to change the events of Dark Faltz’s awakening, they were able to change something. Zeno is alive and well, though Ash has to keep it a secret.

Xiao brought Ash back to the present and official asks him for his help to put a stop to Luther and save ARKS. Ash, without having to think about it, agrees to rid ARKS of Luther.

Episode 12

Sarah asks Ash to go to Wopal and retrieve some data that is stored in a lab inside the sea caverns. Sarah then warns Ash that Luther is watching everyone, especially him and that Xiao will mask his presence while Ash makes it to a ship. Ash agrees and meets Sarah on Wopal.

There on Wopal, Sarah and Ash go into the sea caverns and find the secret lab. Sarah tells Ash that it is an experimentation lab lead by Luther. Ash recognizes it being similar to the lab on Naverius and being part of the Void organization.

As Sarah was transferring the data to Xiao, explosions started going off nearby and the lab began to fall apart. Ash and Sarah made their way of the lab, but then Luther and Theodor showed. Theodor looks more like a Deuman now, and completely changed his race. The cause of the explosions were from Theodor himself destroying the lab on Luther’s orders.

Luckily Ash and Sarah were able to get the data even with Luther and Theodor showing up. Xiao was most thankful for the data, and while talking with Ash explained a little bit more about Xion. He told Ash that Xion is actually the core of the mother ship in the fleet. She knows all about the universe’s past, present, and future.

Back on the ship and in his room, Ash receives a visit from Xion. Ash asks Xion why she needs him if she know everything. She tells him that though she is all knowing she is not all powerful, and that Ash is the key that she needs to change events.

Ash asks her about changing events from the past so that none of this happened, but she tells him that some things are inevitable and will happen regardless of intervention. But she will allow Ash to go back in time and save someone of his choice. Ash decides to go back and save Ulku, Theodor’s best friend, in the hopes that Luther would be stopped from taking Theodor away.

Once in the past, Ash finds Ulku who was being attacked by a Falspawn. Ulku fired shots t the Falspawn but also hit the gas tank of her overturned tank. The explosion from the gas was the original cause of her death, but since Ash intervened she was saved.

Xiao appeared before Ash in a borrowed body, and told Ash that though he saved Ulku this time, it would not stop Luther from trying to kill Ulku another time. Xiao revealed that the Falspawn attack in the ship was orchestrated by Luther.

Xiao made Ash relize that one person’s rescue does not make up for the countless of other lives lost. Some deaths are inevitable. Ash then tells Xiao that he would go back in time as many times as he could to save as many lives as he could, which Xiao told him that in a future possibility Ash has done just that but in many of those possibilities Ash made things worse.

Xiao told Ash again that some possibilities are inevitable.

Ulku who was just standing around, interjected saying that she is grateful that Ash saved her, and that the only thing that she understands in what Ash and Xiao are talking about is that Luther in in control and must be stopped.

She then says that even if it means that ARKS might fall into some disarray at first, as long as everyone works together and helps out then they can make a new ARKS, one without Luther.

Xiao was amazed by just a simple answer, but yet that simple answer was also a powerful solution.


No Guns Life

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Episode 11

Looks like Juzo has some unwanted visitors in his office, the two red hooded assassins Seven and Pepper.

Within about ten seconds of Juzo telling them to leave, Seven, the gun slave, attacks Juzo. Pepper calls Seven back, only to activate his main weapon and capture Juzo. Pepper wants Juzo for herself and make Juzo her slave.

Pepper attacks, sending himself and Juzo through the wall of the building and into the alley below. Juzo has his left arm and shoulder completely wrecked and unusable. Pepper and Seven are about to continue their assault, but Tetsuro jumps in front of Juzo, activates his Harmony ability. and takes control of Sven to stop Pepper from attacking Juzo.

Seven snaps back to his self, but Pepper calls the attack off saying that they cannot hurt Tetsuro under directive from Beruhren.

In the morning, Tetsuro is missing his left arm while it is being fixed and gets visited by Kronen. Kronen tells Juzo that the capture of Tetsuro has been silently retracted, which concerns Juzo for what Beruhren might be up to. Once Kronen leaves, Juzo checks on Tetsuro, who is sleeping in the next room.

Tetsuro wakes up and he and Juzo kinda have a heart to heart talk. Seems like Juzo is becoming more open and comfortable around Tetsuro.

Soon after, Mary pops in and tells Juzo that he has a customer. This customer wants Juzo to look into the haunting of a girl by an Extended at the McMahon house. This customer drives Juzo and Mary, who wanted to tag along, to this house.

The house is a large creepy mansion, and to make matters worse at the top window of the house, a hand suddenly appears on the glass window. What is Juzo and Mary getting themselves into?

Episode 12

The girl who is the victim is Rosa McMahon, the daughter of George McMahon a prosecutor for the Bureau who dies in a recent car crash with his wife. Rosa was also in the car but she made it out alive, except for a leg she lost. The man who hired Juzo, his name is Danny Yo. He was George’s best friend and co worker in the Bureau.

The ghost, according to Rosa, is the hand of an Extended.

Juzo and Mary meet Rosa, but Rosa is immediately scared by Juzo. Mary makes Juzo leave Rosa’s room and start looking for the ghost.

It doesn’t take long for the ghost to show itself, but this time it is two hands instead of just one. It also doesn’t take Juzo long to figure out that Danny is lying about the ghost and that he is the person after Rosa and the information that she might be hiding. Juzo was hired as a distraction while Danny discovered the location of the information he needed.

Though Juzo tries to explain his findings to Rosa about Danny being lying and that the hands were trying to protect Rosa, not harm her, but she did not believe Juzo and left with Danny away from the house.

As they were driving, Danny revealed that it was him that caused the accident and that he was after information regarding Extendeds that he planned on selling to a terrorist group for a lot of money.

Right before Rosa was going to be killed, one of the hands that snuck away with them in the car jumped in front of Rosa sacrificing itself to save her.

Then Juzo and Mary followed behind putting a stop to Danny and saving Rosa.

EMS showed up after to arrest Danny. Juzo wondering how he was going to get paid, decided to keep the data that Mary found inside of Rosa’s locket that her father gave her as reward for the job.

mary told Rosa something earlier, that not all Extendeds are bad, some are yes, but some are good too. Juzo is one of those good.

Rosa looked out as Juzo walked away having a new perspective on Extendeds as she was just saved by two really good ones.


Special 7: Special Crimes Unit

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Episode 11

Ichinose and Nanatsuki continue their talk on the roof of the restaurant. Nantsuki realizes that Luca died to preserve his own justice and to preserve the future for others. Nanatsuki picks himself up, and he and Ichinose join the other downstairs.

Boss informs them the Special 7 headquarters has been infiltrated and he will be taken, but not killed.

Meanwhile, Belle looks into the fake eye that the criminal they were escorting gave to Nanatsuki before he died. It revealed photos of crimes scenes around the city where Nine has committed a terrorist attack. Included with the photos was an image of a nine-headed dragon.

Ichinose remembered something that Warlock said to Luca in the courtroom about the Kasai seals being taken care of. He deduced that at each location in the photos, a sacred object that acted as a seal was destroyed.

Nanatsuki looked at the crime scene dots on the map and connected them together to form a pentagram, and at the center of the pentagram was the police station.

Warlock arrives at the police station and begins talking to Boss like they were old friends. Warlock talks to him about the nine-headed dragon and how he and Boss are part of the nine-headed dragon, with Boss being the first head of the dragon and Warlock being the last head.

Meanwhile all of this was happening, Nijo was confronting his brother. he was trying t break Luca free from the mind control of Warlock. Nijo succeeded in breaking his brother free and Luca returned to his normal self.

The rest of the team infiltrate the police headquarters that is now guarded by worshiper of Warlock. With their teamwork they are able to take out the guards one by one, it also helps that Nanatsuki was granted immortality through the ritual at the airport nine years ago and can act as a shield for the team.

Eventually they Nanatsuki and ichinose make it to the roof and rescue Boss. Warlock is infuiated with the sudden appearance of Nanatsuki and his words of justice.

Nantasuki declares to Warlock that he is charged with multiple felony crimes and is under arrest.

Warlock is angered by Nanatsuki treating him like a lowly human and materializes his dragon form above him.

Episode 12

The battle continues, but with everyone of Special 7 joined in the fight, well except for Nijo at the moment.

Speaking of Nijo, he calls Ichinose and tells him to lure Warlock into the park below the station. Looks like Nijo has a plan or something. Ichinose tells Nanatsuki to lure Warlock to the park, but Nanatsuki has no idea how.

He goes with his gut and tackles Warlock, jumps off the building, and lands in the park below. I guess that is one way to get someone where you want them, good thing he is immortal or that fall would have killed him.

As for everyone else getting to the park, Belle has an idea for that. She uses her drones to carry Ichinose and Akane, the samurai, to the park, much to their detest.

It’s time for round two.

Now in the park, it’s a lot easier to fight Warlock. Now this time everyone of Special 7 joins the fight, even Luca. They coordinate their attacks and pick away at Warlock and his dragon.

But Warlock doesn’t give up. Ichinoe decides to show Warlock who he really is and how he has no power against humans. He also shows Warlock that the anger he has is fear and the superiority towards humans is jealousy. Soon, Warlock breaks down mentally and his powers are weakened.

Together, Ichinose and Nanatsuki both fire a shot at Warlock’s dragon and destroys it. Warlock is left powerless and helpless.

Now weakened and powerless, Warlock is no longer a threat. To show Warlock even more that he is no threat, Nantsuki give up his powers that were given to him nine years ago, and he arrests Warlock like a mere human would be and like the human he has become.

It’s explained that Warlock will not speak a single word since being arrested. The power he had is gone but the influence and ideals that he made as a terrorist inspired others to continue his work.

I guess Special 7 does not have to worry about losing their jobs anytime soon, as a murder case involving Nine has sprung up.

Special 7, move out.


Thanks for reading.

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