Anime Fall 2019 Review Group 1

Part 8

Assassin’s Pride

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Episode 8 and 9

The killings continue, and this time Rosetti turns up a victim.

Melida and Instructor Laqua investigate the mystery spots from around the city while trying to clear Kufa’s name. Kufa cannot be found and he remains the prime suspect. Melida and Laqua discover that Rosetti’s father, Blosum Pricket, has been experimenting on the citizens of his city in the hopes of creating lycanthropes.

When Melida was looking after Elise who was also attacked but was unharmed, probably thanks to Rosetti, a classmate of Melida and Elise comes barging in and tells Melida that the city is now after her in connection to the prime suspect, Kufa.

Melida runs away escaping from the window, but she does not want to sit idly by while she is being chased. She investigates the spot where Blosum yelled at her and Kufa for being around. In fact that spot is a hidden study. In the study, Melida finds books proving the experiments that Blosum has been up to. She also hears a voice, and we see an image of what appears to be a vampire as well.

The mystery as who is behind these attacks are unknown, but it does hint at that Blosum is behind these attacks. When Rosetti died, Blosum was the one who carted Rosetti off.

Soon after Melida finds the proof, Rosetti, now a lycanthrope, appears. Melida trues to talk to Rosetti but it’s in vain because all what Rosettio can think of is drinking blood.

Just when Rosetti attacks Melida, Kufa jumps in and protects Melida. Kufa begins to change into his lycanthrope form that we saw in previous episodes. Kufa tries to calm Rosetti down and it seems to work as her backs away from him. She runs away confused.

Melida is now staring at her teacher in a different form than what she has known and is confused and scared.

Episode 9

Kufa pins Melida down to ground and tells her he has to wipe her memory from the things that she has seen. Melida tells Kufa that she is not afraid of his form and wants to be by his side no matter what. Kufa then tells Melida of his past and what is the cause of all that has happened.

Kufa actually grew up with Rosetti during the attack on Shangarta seven years ago. Kufa displayed his power against the spider lycanthrope and helped the guild White Knight, which Kufa now belongs, to defeat the spider. Rosetti was about to die then, and Kufa decided in order to save her life he would make her his kin by biting her. He also wiped her memory from her mind so that she would never get the cravings for blood, since she has no idea what she truly is, but told her he would always watch over her from afar.

Kufa then explains to Melida he believe that the voice that Melida is hearing is from another lycanthrope that has been working with Blosum to create more candidates for his experiments to raise a lycanthrope army.

Melida barges in the church and interrupts Rosetti’s marriage, that Blosum is giving, and demands that Rosetti fight her for the love of Kufa. Sounds kind of starnge, but this is actually a ruse to snap Rosetti out of her trance and to reveal the true culprit behind the attacks. The true culprit is disguising himself as a tiny spider that attached himself to Blosum.

Once the rue form of the culprit is revealed, he, Naqua, fled into a secret passage in the church hidden behind a tapestry. Rosetti was quickly on his heals. Risetti then tells Naqua that she remembers all the things that he made her do. It was actually Rosetti who carried out those attacks but when it came to attacking Elise, she just couldn’t do it, Naqua then appeared and attacked her.

Naqua then attacked Rosetti but Kufa appeared to back her up. Naqua transformed into his giant spider form and a battle between three began. Kufa and Rosetti had the advantage over the entire fight. They managed to destroy Naqua giant spider form, but her managed to convert into thousands of small spiders to make a get away. But what he didn’t realize that upon his escape was the girls from St. Friedeswiede ready to destroy him once and for all.


Val X Love

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Episode 9 and 10

With episode 9, it introduces more of the main antagonists of the anime series, Skuld, who is referred to as Our Lady and is a sister of Norn, Roskva, the maid serving Skuld, and Ullr, who appears as a young boy named Taka. Garm, Tohru Inukai, is also with them but due to his failures is being punished by Ullr.

Norn is a group of three sisters who are demigoddesses who seem to be against the other demigods on Asgard, mainly Odin.

Meanwhile, Takuma and Natsuki are walking home from school when someone attacks them. Natsuki is able to fend them off, and then this someone appears out of the shadows and reveals herself to be the eldest sister, Ichika.

We have seen her before, the short black haired and black dressed sister that carries a spear.

Once home Ichika tells her sisters and Takuma that it is time that she whips Takuma into shape to become a strong man that can make the Valkyries strong too. Ichika takes Takuma and tells him that in order to grow stronger and for the Valkyries to grow stronger a relationship of love must be formed, not a relationship of obligation. Takuma has been treating the girls with thanks and feeling obliged to help them.

Natsuki and Yakumo join Takuma and Ichika in the bath, where Takuma and Ichika are conducting a Val Love task: Takuma and Ichika must wash each others back. It’s kinda the same old ame old, Takuma gets into some incident and somehow completes the task and makes the Valkyrie grow stronger. The only difference this time is that Yakumo was messing around with Natsuki in the bath and accidentally made Takuma and Ichika kiss, further increasing her power.

We do discover that Ichika has very sensitive skin which does help her on the battlefield with direction. But of course it makes their back washing a little more involved than it normally would.

Again, not much difference with Takuma and the girls, except for it being a new girl. The real plot point in this episode is the antagonists, though there is not a whole lot of their exposure. It does reveal their ultimate plan and the goal that was foreshadowed in earlier episodes: to kill the Valkyries and to start Ragnarok.

In the beginning of episode 10, Ichika ambushes Skuld and her lackeys. Though Ichika is still only level one, she has far superior combat abilities as she is able to knock out Garm and sneak behind Roskva. Ullr, meanwhile, looks at a distance at his comrades in danger and decides to use his ability of mind control and take control of a nearby human and use the human to surprise Ichika.

Though Ichika knew of the approaching person, she did was not aware of it being a human when she was about to attack him. She quickly moved her spear out of the way in order to not kill the human but that left her open.

Skuld used this opening, not to attack Ichika, but instead to make her way to Roskva and kiss her. What?

Well Roskva has the ability to awaken Skuld’s ability while in Midgard, Earth.

With Skuld’s ability, she summons many eggs that birth akuma. Ichika is now overwhelmed and outnumbered. Just as the akuma were going to attack Ichika, Itsuyo, Natsuki, and Takuma appear and Itsuyo binds the akuma before they could attack.

With Garm unconscious and Roskva weakened from using her ability, Skuld retreats feeling accomplished that at least they made their debut and showed their power off to the Valkyries.

The next day, Takuma and Ichika go shopping and they each pick up a magazine of some sort. I know, kinda boring, but at least Takuma’s magazine causes some drama with Natsuki, who thinks it’s a dirty magazine.

The rest of the Valkyrie’s talk about Skuld and her motives. Meanwhile, Natsuki cannot stop thinking about what the magazine could be and why Takuma would not tell her. She is so distracted that she accidentally drinks a concoction that makes her sort of drunk.

Takuma comes in to see how the girls are doing and Natsuki jumps on him acting very happy and very drunk. Futaba asks Takuma is he could put Natsuki to bed to rest off her condition. For some reason he put her to bed in his room.

As Takuma was trying to put her to bed, Natsuki was stripping right in front of him and began begging him to help her take off the rest of her clothes. He reluctantly obeyed took off her shirt and socks. Natsuki and Takuma get into a very compromising position and knock over some books, revealing the book that he had bought from the store.

The book was a informative dating book to help Takuma do better on the dates with the girls. Natsuki blushes and kinda snaps out of her drunkenness to gain enough courage to try to confess her feelings to Takuma. But, Takuma kinda ruins the moment by telling Natsuki that he is not sure of dating and has no idea of what love is and is not in love with anyone.

Natsuki, feeling hurt but still determined, tells Takuma that she is live with someone who doesn’t recognize her feelings and that she will wait for him.


Z/X Code Reunion

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Episode 9 and 10

It’s a sweet but sorrow farewell to the student council. They are needed elsewhere to help a brand new facility get to working and fighting order.

Azumi and the rest of Team E decide to hold a farewell party for them. Most of the teams are excited for the student council and glad to participate in the party, but for one member of team A, Seika, she has mixed feelings.

She is glad that the student council is leaving, but she will be rid of Sera, the student council head member. Seika and Sera have a rivalry going on.

Azumi tries her hardest to get Seika to join the party but she is too stubborn to take part and to show how she really feels toward Sera and the rest of the student council.

At the party, all of the students and staff attend to bid the student council farewell, well all but Seika. As Sera gave her speech, out of the corner of her eye, Sera spots Seika and tears of joy well up in her eyes. Sera and Seika get their chance to say goodbye to each as friends and comrades.

Episode 10

So, some interesting lore is revealed in this episode and the real threat is also revealed. The real threat is an organization called Dunamis. Dunamis call themselves gods and arrive only to clean up the destruction that the Realms cause during their war. Apparently, the Realms have been at war with one another countless of times, and when each time Dunamis comes and destroys the world caused by that war and then creates a new world in its place. So, in basic once the Realms fight with one another, Dunamis destroys the world and the world restarts.

The tree Yggdrasil that resides in the green realm holds all the memories of past life. So all of the Realms panned together and decided that the war that happened before between the realms should never happen again, and that is how and why the academy was born to serve as a peace treaty between all of the realms.

Though, it is still unknown what exactly the Inerma are and what they want. The only speculation is that they serve as the vanguard to the Dunamis that may be the eventual cause to the war between the realms.

To better serve the planet and the fight against the Inerma, the academy heads sent a satellite into space to detect the wave signatures of the Inerma and possibly discover where they are coming from. Shortly after the satellite was sent into space, it detected a growing Inerma on the surface of the moon. If not dealt with, this Inerma will devour the moon and destroy the planet.

The mystery behind Ena’s secretive actions have finally come to light.

The rest of Team E decide to hold a small party before the big battle, but something seems to wrong with Ena. She is very distracted and very weary. It does seem like the actions she will have to take very soon is weighing heavily on her mind and the repercussions that follow seem to be having an impact on her mind.

The day of the battle has come and everyone seem ready, except for Ena. She is acting distant towards the others and everyone is worried about her, but all she can say is, “I’m sorry.”

As they enter space to combat the Inerma, a bright light consumes Team E. Once the light dissipates, Ena seems to have Overboosted and appears as a deity in a long white dress and holding a staff. The inside of her dress appears to hold an image of a galaxy inside of it. Her eyes seem to be in a trance of a like and she says that the fate of the world will be determined by Dunamis.

Ena seems to be the catalyst for the destruction of the world by Dunamis.


Kandagawa Jet Girls

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Episode 8 and 9

The beginning of episode 8 really felt like a filler episode, having an interesting side story but pertains nothing to the main story.

I think the though, in my opinion, the main plot is lost. You would think that the main plot would be the jet racing, but there seems to be very little. Technically there has only been two races so far.

It can be very challenging to have a lot of characters and try to showcase them and develop them, but I think that the series should have focused on Namiki and Misa and building up their jet racing skills.

Anyways, episode 8 has the Namiki and Misa tag along with the Baba girls, Manatsu and Yuzu. The four of them try to catch the fictional creature in the Kandagawa, the Nyu-Nyu. Well, they get lost searching for it and find an exit that takes them to a nearby shrine.

At the shrine they meet a girl, who we recognize as a jet racer from an earlier episode, and they are allowed to wash up. The interaction is filled with typical anime tropes of girls messing around in a bath together and poking fun at the size of each other breasts.

After that interaction and the thought of being at a shrine, Namiki gets a new found revelation of sorts and goes back to the shrine the next day and prays for success for their next race and the growth of her and Misa’s teamwork.

Episode 9 starts the Kandagawa Cup, which means that finally we should be getting more jet races. The teams that Naimki and Misa lost to before were seeded from last year so they do not have to fight for points in the preliminaries, but for Namiki and Misa, they have to win in the preliminaries if they want to race in the finals.

Well first things first, before the racing begins the girls meets a strange girl that is staring, intently, at the river below a bridge. Namiki and Misa stop her, thinking that she is about to jump, and talk to her. They find out the she is troubled with her “partner” and that she feels that she is letting her “partner” down. Namiki and Misa mistakenly think that she is mentioning a lover. They calm the strange girl down and continue their running, not knowing that the girl is a jet racer and the “partner” she mentions is her jet racing partner not lover.

Anyway, the Kandagawa Cup begins and the team that Namiki and Misa race is team made up of the shrine girl that they met before, Inori Misuda, and the girl from the bridge that they met earlier, Fuka Tamaki.

Finally, the race begins.

Both teams take off from the starting line perfectly. Both are evenly matched in the beginning, neither one taking much ground. Misa is the frist to get shots off, hitting the other teams machine but due to its strength it does not slow it down much.

The real difference in machines comes in the form of its boost. Though the Orcano and the Serpent activate their boost at the same time, its the Serpent that clenches a gap and overpowers the Orcano with ease. The Serpent remains in the lead for most of the race, while the Serpent’s gunner shoots the Orcano from behind with its machine gun. With Namiki’s maneuverability with the Orcano she is able to dodge many vital shots, and with Misa’s precise aim, she is able to get a few shots off in between the machine guns firing breaks.

With the finish line in sight, both teams toss their now empty guns and grab onto their jetter, the driver, and leave the rest to them. In the last stretch, the Serpent takes the jump over the obstacles using their boost, since it can’t maneuver around them easily, and the Orcano takes that obstacles, because they are no problem for Namiki to maneuver around. Once the Serpent lands, they activate their boost, but they are a little slower once they hit, while the Orcano uses their boost once out of the obstacles, catching up to the Serpent. It’s neck and neck between the two teams as they cross the finish line. The results have to be looked at and seems to be under deliberation.

The results are in and it’s a draw!

The first race in the preliminaries and it’s a draw! Which team is going to move on and how are they going to decide?


Thanks for reading.

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