Anime 2019 Fall Reviews Group 2

Part 7

Azur Lane

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Episode 8

This episode was more emotionally driven than any of the other episodes thus far. With Sakura Empire loosing their flagship, Akagi, and Enterprise being in control of the black cube and gaining immense power, they are forced to retreat from the battle. Azur Lane faces the reality of war and decides to go after them.

Enterprise seems to be in some kind of trance, and within that trance her mind is remembering her sister that was injured or killed. In some of these memories, it looks like Enterprise was a bit more happier with her older sister by her side. Then in the other memories was fire and destruction with her older sisters body floating in the water.

In the earlier episodes, Enterprise makes a comment that she hates the water and being out on it, and now it comes together as to why she feels that way.

Meanwhile, Javelin and Laffey confront Ayanami, again, but this time no weapons are drawn on either side and very few words are exchanged before Ayanami’s comrades come to get her to retreat.

Two members of the Sakura Empire take the rear guard and buy time for the rest to retreat, and obviously there is the thought racing that they will be destroyed. As they manage to lead Azur Lane away by dodging and weaving through the gunfire, they become overwhelmed. Enterprise meets them with her aerial attacks but as she was about to drop a bomb on the two Sakura Empire ships, Ayanami out of no where jumps into the air taking out the plane but at the cost of injuring herself.

Meanwhile, Enterprise snaps out of her trance at the sight of Ayanami injured. The sight of Ayanami makes a vision of her sister, I think, flashback in her head and stuns her.

Seeing Ayanami injured and falling, Javelin and Laffey jump into action to save their friend, or at least in their eyes Ayanami is their friend. Javelin bolts her anchor to the side of an iceberg, Laffey grabs onto Ayanami’s hand, and then Javelin catches both of them. All three are now dangling from an iceberg with the added danger of a portal right below them. Doesn’t look like Javelin and Laffey will be able to hang on to Ayanami much longer.

Lately it seems like the census of the show is the inconsistency in the animation quality. When it comes to the fast paced battle animation, it does indeed get sloppy. Apparently there has been so much feedback on the animation quality that the studio behind Azur Lane, Bisbury Animation Studio, has come out and said that the last two episodes, 11 and 12, will be delayed until March 2020 so the animation can meet the expectations that they and the fans want to see.


Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode Oracle

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Episode 8

Now that Dark Falz Elder is destroyed once and for all, or so they think, they muster themselves up and try to move froward. At least, for some that is possible but for others the death of their love ones weighs heavy on their hearts and minds.

For one, Melfonseana or Seana, she is suffering greatly for the part that she think she played in reviving Dark Falz and getting Gettemuhult possible killed.

When she wakes and realizes what has happened, she steals a ship and heads back to Naverius, with Ask following close behind. Now on Naverius, Seana makes her way to the pillar that once held Dark Falz, trying to look for Gettemhult. She tries to call out to him but he does not respond. She hears footsteps approaching her, thinking its Hettemhult, turns around smiling at the person who she thinks is Gettemhult but is in fact Ash. She breaks down in tears realizing that Gettemhult is not coming and may in fact be dead.

Upon sun down, Ash makes camp waiting for Seana to calm down. Once she does she explains her bond with Gettemhult.

Quite and interesting backstory, that once again takes place ten years ago. Seana’s sister and Gettemhult were very close and always fought together in battle. But the battle ten years ago, she lost her life. Gettemhult was grief stricken and could not come to terms of her passing. Seana approached him trying to calm him but he was to far gone with despair. He looked at young Seana and saw her sister in her and essentially made young Seana the substitute for her sister. We also find out that Seana’s name is not in fact Melfonseana but that is the name of her sister. Gettemhult could not bare the lose of the real Seana and made the real Seana’s younger sister take her place so that Seana would be alive again.

Suddenly, Ash and Seana are interrupted by Dark Falz who was investigating a powerful presence coming from Ash. Dark Falz quickly attacks Seana as tries to approach him, thinking him to be Gettemhult. Dark Falz tosses Seana to the side as he engages with Ash. It’s a brief fight, as soon after they start the fight, it ends with Dark Falz claiming that Ash is not powerful enough to entertain him and then he vanishes.

Though not the best way to find out a character’s backstory, it is a powerful reveal nonetheless. It is revealed that Seana’s real name is Melrandia.

It also seems like Ash is linked to Dark Falz somehow with the events of ten years ago. Dark Falz mentions an interaction they had those years ago and that he wants to see that power again. I hope a big reveal with the events of ten years ago is going to happen soon.


No Guns Life

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Episode 8

Continuing the battle with Juzo and Tokisada. The battle takes up about half of the episode and reveals some interesting developments. While Juzo and Tokisada fight, Olivier and Tetsuro make their way to Juzo to back him up.

Tokisada reveals that he was behind the “murders” of those officers, including Olivier’s father, not Gondry. Tokisada was trying to hide the experiments being done on Extends because is the public and EMS would find out what was going on then the society of Extends would be at risk.

We also find out a little more about Juzo and his past. He is known as a Gun Slave Unit and there were more than one of his kind, which explains that other Extend that looks like Juzo that has been shown briefly in other episodes and in the opening credits.

We also see Juzo’s berserker mode, which produces a large gun handle and trigger from his back and a AI voice that seems to directs his actions. Tokisada is no match for Juzo’s berserker mode directly, but while Juzo’s fighting in his berserker mode, he is also fighting to gain control. When Juzo was about to land the finishing blow to Tokisada, he remembered the promise to Olivier, narrowly misses Tokisada’s head, and gains control and burns out his sub-brain at the same time.

Other EMS soldiers show and arrest Tokisada. Olivier tells Tokisada that the justice department will see to it that he goes down for his crimes, but then Tokisada makes a comment that seems to implicate the justice department is involved too.

Seems the truth runs a lot deeper than Olivier, or anyone could imagine.

Just then, the transport truck that Olivier and Tokisada are riding in is attacked by a large gunshot. The scen zooms out to the attackers and reveals that the people who attacked the truck are the two mysterious red hooded Extends.


Special 7: Special Crime Investigation Unit

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Episode 8

Um….Bellemer got kidnapped. No, not the Ninja!

Belle and Boss, in his familiar form, are out shopping for new tech for Belle when some random guy approaches Belle and asks for directions. While she is distracted, the guy grabs her, throws her into the van, and sprays some kind of chemical in her face knocking her unconscious.

Meanwhile, Ichinose and Nanatsuki are eating lunch when they hear a scream for help. A woman, who appears to be a doctor, has her purse stolen. Nanatsuki,being the hero, jumps in and chases after the robber. He manages to capture the robber on a bridge, but also manages to lose the purse in the water below. On the bridge they receive a call from Nijou and Akane telling them about Belle’s kidnapping. Now, the entire team is on the hunt for Belle.

Belle awakes and finds herself in a container, with no windows and no door. The only thing in this container is a locker. Using her tools that she hides all over on her person, she breaks it open and finds hearts. Her usual expression of excitement and curiosity are replaced with sadness and pity. Belle seems to know what these hearts are for and what her captives want with her.

Meanwhile, Nijou informs the team that the police have been busy with kidnappings lately and that they are tied to the black market selling of homunculus hearts. The selling and buying of humunculus hearts, apparently, is due to the rumor that they will grant eternal life. We also come to discover that Belle is a humunculus.

Moments later, her captives and the doctor from before, a nice story tie-in from earlier, enter and see that Belle is awake. They to subdue her again but Belle uses her wits and almost comically take out the guards with little to no effort. Belle confronts the doctor and tells her that the rumors are false. The doctor doesn’t believe her and attacks Belle.

Suddenly, Nanatsuki barges in and takes out the doctor, and Belle is saved, though a little injured.

Though not directly tied to the main plot of Nine and their terrorist schemes, it may be revealed to be tied to them later. It was an interesting episode showcasing a different member of the team and not just always about Ichinose and Nanatsuki, though they were involved they were not the main focus.

At the end of the episode, a long awaited interaction between Ichinose and Nanatsuki is revealed. Ichinose and Nanatsuki are at a restaurant, which he and his previous partner have a connection with, and the owner brings an old photo of Ichinose and his former partner. Nanatsuki tells Ichinose that his former partner was the man who saved him nine years ago, surprising Ichinose.


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