Anime Fall 2019 Review Group 1

Part 7

Assassin’s Pride

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Episode 7

Kufa, Melida, Elise, and Rosetti all prepare to set out on a class training camp to Rosetti’s hometown, Shangarta. But before they can set out, Rosetti infroms everyone that there might be a slight problem. Rosetti tells them that her father arranged her to marry someone who she doesn’t want to marry, and that she told her father that Kufa is her lover, halting her father’s arranged decision. Rosetti asks Kufa to pretend to be her lover so she doesn’t have to marry some random guy she doesn’t even like. Melida, of course, is not happy with this deal.

Also moments later, a classmate of Melida and Elise’s suddenly falls unconscious. Rosetti’s father performs a magic ritual to locate the mana of the perpetrator. the ritual revealed that the perpetrator was a teen male, and of course, the only teen male around is Kufa. Though there is no proof he did it and no proof he didn’t do it, suspicion is put on him.

Upon arriving at Shangarta, which a cramped looking city inside of a large chasm, the class admires the plant life that surrounds them and occupies Shangarta.

As night falls, everyone readies for bed. While Kufa is in Melida’s room, she asks him to take her out on a date for ignoring her feelings.

After the date, Kufa helps Melida to bed. As Melida was apologizing to Kufa for acting selfish, she falls asleep. Then Kufa walks over to her, moves the hair that is covering her face and says, “I’m not sure what I should do.” He then puts his hand around her neck.

It was interesting to see Kufa and the dark side of his assignment that seemed to be put in the background and almost forgotten. There was one part where Kufa was walking with everyone else in the streets, in the beginning of the episode, and was handed a green vile by an unknown person, likely a member of the assassin guild that Kufa belongs to. Seems like Kufa may be behind the attack on the girl, or at least knows who did it. The only thing that I miss is the true identity of Kufa and his powers. As we saw in a previous episode, he revealed himself in being a powerful vampire. I hope we see that side of him soon.

The relationship between Kufa and Melida is rather interesting, but also dragging. It seems that Kufa may have feelings for Melida and for sure Melida has feelings for Kufa, but with Kufa’s mission he cannot be together with her because she is actually his target to kill. So, in the end it may feel like the relationship may be one sided.

What is definite, is that Kufa is going to have to clear his innocence, if he is innocent, and decide what is more important, his mission or Melida.


Val X Love

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Episode 8

Takuma is back at the level up dating again. This time he is supposed to go on a date with Mutsumi and Yakumo.

While Mutsumi is doing a photo shoot, Takuma and Yakumo conduct their date. Their date: simply hold hands for an hour. Unfortunately, Takuma get startled by someone behind him and takes his hand away from Yakumo’s hand, thus failing the date. Well, I guess on to the next date with Mutsumi.

Takuma and Mutsumi hold a private photo shoot of their own with Takuma taking pictures of Mutsumi in a swimsuit. Fan-service moment, why not.

Though the date end in a failure, it is not Takuma’s fault this time. An akuma attacks and their date has to be put on hold while they deal with it. A battle ensues, but Mutumi and Yakumo are too under leveled to easily take this akuma down. With the girls exhausted from a long drawn out battle, Takuma, courageously, attacks the akuma. Though doing very little to the akuma, it did stun it, giving Takuma a chance to call upon his healing ability to heal Mutsumi and Yakumo, thus allowing the girls to defeat the akuma.

A relative short and simple date leading to an accomplished battle, which is usually how most of the battle are in this series. Throughout the episode, we see flashbacks of Takuma talking with Futaba about his abilities and how he must protect the girls.

Towards the end of the episode we see that the group that Inukai, the student council member, belongs to sent this akuma. We also hear this person, who appears as a small child in disguise, mentioning that their boss will be coming. Appears that a large scale boss fight is coming quite soon, or I rather hope it does.

Continuously, this show seem to lack the action/adventure genre that it seems to want to be, and constantly show a more slice of life, character development genre. Though, in my opinion, the show lacks the action it need and the character development it needs as well. Though I do like the show, it just seems to fall short in its development. It could be so much more, but doesn’t take that extra step to do it.


Z/X Code Reunion

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Episode 8

After the fight with the Inerma from the last previous episode, the girls resume their mock battle with Team A. It seems that Rigel might not be fully recovered from the Inerma fight as she holds onto the wall, for support, leading into the transporter.

The mock battle resumed, but this time Azumi and Rigel can Overboost. Hopefully that will lead them to victory. But alas, Azumi and Rigel has trouble overboosting and the team was quickly dispatched.

Fortunately though, because of the hard fought battle against the Inerma the girls are not kicked out and will remain as Team E. No big surprise there. Well, the girls do not have to worry much and can relax a bit as summer break approaches.

Yuni tells that girls that they are all invited to her beach house on an remote island. The girls did not have much time to relax before their instructor came barging in and making them go through more training. Fortuantely for the girls, Yuni’s butler interjected and told the instructor that the girls already have planes set out and have little time for training, thus saving them from training.

Interestingly, there are two plot developments woven into this episode. The first one involving Azumi, and the second one involving Ena.

Azumi approaches the instructor and asks about why her and Rigel’s Overboost failed. The instructor told Azumi that most of the workings of Overboost is unknown and that there is no clear cut answer. The only thing that she postulates is the perhaps in Azumi and Rigel’s case, there may be someone between them two who doesn’t want to Overboost. Seeing Rigel’s actions and over-protecting of Azumi throughout the anime, it seems likely that Rigel doesn’t want to Overboost. Perhaps Rigel wants to be protect Azumi from fighting at all, thus making Overboost between them inactive.

Then at night sometime during the break, Ena gets off and walks into a nearby cave by the seashore. There, she summons her partner and it looks like he transmits sensitive data to an unknown person from her associated realm. Looks like Ena may be a traitor, or perhaps she doesn’t know what she is entirely doing. She seemed to be in a trance during the transmission and never said anything in response to this unknown character.

We will see if she is truly a traitor or not, but I surely hope not. Out of all of the girls on Team E, Ena is my favorite.

Usually when it comes to beach episodes or fan-service filler episodes like this one, the main plot is ignored, but in this one we see the connection between this break and the main plot. Before going to the vacation house, Ena was just going to stay at the dorm, which she could of transmitted the information anyway. So it is not like this vacation home served as any benefit to her plan.

The threat of the Inerma is still out there and with this added threat of a possible unknown conflict with the unknown character, the girls will have their hands full.


Kadagawa Jet Girls

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Episode 7

Although this anime is about Jet Racing and the uphill struggle that Namiki and Misa must climb to get to the top, its is also about the struggles of a high school student. In this episode we see that struggle in Namiki as she fails her final and must pass the make-up or she will not be able to race.

Through hard work and hard studying, Namiki passes her final but fails something else. She fails to keep up her health and when she resumes her training, she collapses from exhaustion and develops a fever.

While Namiki is bound to her bed due to her illness, Misa steps up and takes care of Namiki every way the she can. From checking on the state of her fever to fixing her food, Misa is there for Namiki.

But Namiki starts to feel bad that Misa is missing out on her own training. Namiki begs Misa to go do some training and that she will be fine while Misa is gone. Seems like Namiki is feeling like she is letting Misa down and holding her back, but if Misa can just do some training on her own then maybe Namiki will be the only one behind and won’t bring Misa down with her.

While out running, Misa bumps into the Baba Girls team. Misa explains that Namiki is home sick and that why she is running alone. The Bada Girls are worried about Namiki and once Misa continues her running, they decide to gather up nutritious food and it to Namiki. Meanwhile, Namiki gets a text from Jennifer and Emily of the Unkai Surfers team asking her to come out to an idol cafe. Namiki informs them that she is sick and cannot go. They wish her well and hope that she feels better, but that’s not the end of their interaction.

Shortly after Misa arrives home, the Baba Girls and the Unkai Surfers arrive with goodies for Naimiki that will make her feel better. They talk and laugh and eat the goodies that was brought, all making Namiki feeling much better.

Then we see, in a dream, Namiki as a young girl standing there surrounded by an all white background. She turns around to see her mother standing there with her arms out to Namiki, calling Namiki to come to her. Little Namiki runs towards her mother, but just as soon as she reaches her, her mother disappears and Namiki is left there with tears in her eyes calling put to her mother.

Namiki suddenly wakes up and there is Misa hunched over in front of Namiki calling out her name. Misa asks what was wrong and why was she crying. Namiki explains, and an assumption on the viewers perspective is confirmed, that her mother passed away when Namiki was little. Misa grasps Namiki’s hand and waits for her to fall back asleep.

When Namiki wakes up in the morning, Misa is still at Namiki’s bedside holding her hand, never leaving her side.

Though there was no racing what so ever in this episode, it was great to see the other side of these girl’s struggle in their lives, and that is school. Finals suck, and they are quite draining. Though it is very common in anime to see this, it is no less real. So, seeing this was quite the interesting development and it led to a very amazing character developing plot. I believe Misa and Namiki are growing closer and closer, perhaps beyond friends but they don’t know it yet. I still have the assumed opinion that Misa likes Namiki more than just as a friend, but we will see.

It also showed that bond and relationships that Misa and Namiki have made between other Jet Racers from different schools.

There was a comical side story that involved a creature that supposedly lived in the Kandagawa River, but it seems that was just a plot to set up Misa bumping into the Baba Girls, and act as a comedic sub-plot.


Thank you for reading.

3 thoughts on “Anime Fall 2019 Review Group 1”

  1. jet girls doesn’t really do anything. it’s all superficial and those connections with other people don’t work cause there was never any kind of conflict or even hard work for that matter since they never seem to go to school or even practice for that matter.


    1. Unfortunately, I think the show insinuates that they are doing things in between and doesn’t actually show it. In an anime that is not good story telling. I also think that they lost a lot of the appeal of the action in the jet racing side and focused on the melodramatic nonsense that detours the appealing factor from the entire show.


      1. We’ll see how the game goes about it but the game itself doesn’t look too confident due to how it’s now heavily relying on senran kagura DLC characters to boost up its sales and attention which might help it a little bit in the short term but not so much the long term.

        the anime could’ve handled this better in terms of what we’re supposed to know about these characters and as for the doing things in between and doesn’t actually show it is… sadly debatable mostly cause Takaki is definitely no much of a story writer and tends to fail to grasp on how to tell us about his characters as compared to how he promotes them in obvious ways. kind of why season 2 of senran kagura ended up being a massive flop and it’s app game manages average sales, and Valkyrie Drive was ambitious but ultimately a massive flop.


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