Anime 2019 Fall Reviews Group 2

Part 6

Azur Lane

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Episode 7

War has begun between Azur Lane and the Sakura Empire. As both sides are sending out their ships, we see that some are excited to go into their first battle while the others, who have been in countless battles, are concerned for the upcoming battle.

As Sakura Empire came into sight, Azur Lane was transported into another realm-like ocean where the Sirens were waiting for them. The Sirens sent their first wave of attacks at Azur Lane with the rest of Sakura Empire following behind. After teh waves of attacks came and went, the individual combat started. With numerous ships engaging in combat against their enemy below, Enterprise and Kaga engaged in the air. Enterprise seemed to have the edge on Kaga, but when she took her eyes off Kaga to see Belfast, her maid, Enterprise was shot down by Kaga and crashed into the ocean.

There in the ocean, what seemed like memories started to flood her mind and awakened something deep inside her. Just then, a pillar of light shot out from the ocean depths and into the sky. Akagi watched as Enterprise rose out from the ocean, her eyes glowing bright yellow, and the light surrounding Enterprise began to expand, engulfing everyone in its vicinity. This light seemed to return them to the ocean that they came from originally, and within a blink of an eye Akagi was pierced through her chest with an arrow from Enterprises weapon.

Akagi falls into the ocean seemingly killed.

A very heavy episode compared to the others. The difference between those that have been through battles and those that have not was outlined really well with the reactions from some of the younger ships versus the older ships. One thing that was disappointing was that when a character asked, “Where are we?,” the response was simply, “I don’t know.” An explanation as to how they were transported to that place and what that place was seemed like unimportant information, which begs the question, what was its purpose? The only thing that I could think of is that the when Enterprise crashed into the ocean, that water had something to do with that flooded memories coming to her.

Anyway, the overall episode was really good. The animation of the ship transformations and the combat was good, but I wish that we would seen more combat between the other ships and not just Enterprise.


Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode Oracle

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Episode 7

Now that Dark Falz Elder is revived, all ARKS ships are put on full combat alert.

Chaos looms over all of the ships as the Falspawn attack from the outside and inside simultaneously. The battle looks grim with no possible solution in sight. But, Regius, the first of the Council of Six, is contacted by the same mystery man that seems to be pulling a few strings and seems to be on both sides of good and evil. The man tells Regius to use the weapon on the mother ship to wipe out Dark Falz Elder. Unfortunately that would mean that many ARKS would be caught in the crossfire and be destroyed. With a heavy decision to make, Regius sees no other choice in defeating Dark Falz Elder. As the weapon charges, as many of the ships that were able to, they detached the residential pod, where all the civilians lived, and escaped out of the blast range. Of course, it’s not so easy for Ash and the ship that he, Matoi, and Afin are on. Their ships mechanism to detach is broken. Someone has to go to where the mechanism is and manually release the residential pod from the ship. As volunteers and heads up. It’s easy enough to detach it, and once he was done he made his back to the residential pod, but on his way back he was stopped by the same masked man that has been popping up throughout the series warning Ask that Matoi would bring him nothing but despair, so he should just kill her.

We still have no clue who this guy is, or what connection to Ash he has. The only thing we do know is that he has some kind of connection to the Falspawn. At the end of the episode we learn that he is teamed up with Dark Falz Elder and several other people who have teamed up with Dark Falz Elder.

Anyway, Ash tries to attack this man but easily overpowers Ash and knocking him into a room with an escape pod so that Ash may escape and not get caught in the blast.

As the mother ship fires its weapon at Dark Falz Elder, it looks like it destroys it but at the cost of over one hundred ships in the fleet destroyed along with it. After the dust settles around Dark Falz Elder, we see the possessed body of Gettemhult standing atop a destroyed ship excited and thrilled at the destruction in front of him. It seems as though, unbeknownst to ARKS, the only thing that they managed to destroy was the giant form of Dark Falz Elder that acted like a shell.

A lot of destruction and a big reveal as to the true antagonists of the show. It definitely was a bit of foreshadowing in the previous episodes when they talked about the history with Dark Falz Elder and the fact that he wasn’t destroyed but only sealed. So it’s not too surprising that he seemingly becomes the main villain in the show. What I didn’t expect was the multiple people that appeared alongside Dark Falz Elder.

There are plenty more mysteries in the show that have not been revealed or touched upon much, so it should be some interesting episodes coming up.


No Guns Life

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Episode 7

The fight continues with Juzo, Kronen, and Gondry. Unfortunately for Juzo, his body has taken a beating and the cigarettes that he uses to suppresses the pain are running low. But, as soon as Juzo and Kronen get the upper hand on Gondry, he escapes.

Juzo makes sure that the target, Armed, is unharmed as well as informs him that the rest of his old squad is dead. Armed seems little concerned over this, but who can really say when his face is a gold robotic mask with no facial expressions. Just then, Kronen gets a call telling him that Olivier, the director, has been taken off the case and that all EMS officers are to abandon the case. Kronen tells Juzo and seemingly walks away leaving the case to Juzo alone.

Gondry uses the absence of Kronen to his advantage and emerges from behind Juzo, attacking both Juzo and Armed. But, that is not enough to take out Juzo as he stands back up and gets Gondry away from Armed. Due to Juzo running out of his medicinal cigarettes his body is close to shutting down, therefore, Juzo goes all out fighting Gondry in the hopes that he can burn out Gondry before he burns himself out. Luckily, he manages to damage Gondry enough to force him to run away, but Juzo know something that Gondry doesn’t. Kronen is waiting for Gondry down the only pathway to escaping. With Gondry’s sub-brain exposed, Kronen manages to hit Gondry’s sub-brain, forcing him to shutdown.

Then we see the scene shift to two Extends with red hoods, they are actually in the opening trailer and probably the main protagonist in the series, seemingly controlling Gondry using the same tech that Tetsuro uses to control other Extends, Harmony.

Back with Juzo and Kronen, they are making their way towards the exit with Gondry in tow and Armed in the front. Suddenly, Gondry wakes up confused as to to his location and babbling something about the war. Kronen uses another tranquilizer to knock Gondry out. Kronen then makes comments to Juzo that Gondry will go on trial and reveal all information regarding the events of the killing ten years ago. Just then, out of nowhere, Armed turns around, attacks Juzo and Kronen, and begins talking about how he cannot let Gondry reveal any information regarding that event or the advancement in Extend technology will be in jeopardy.

A nice wrap up of the fight with Gondry with two plot twist reveals in the middle and at the end. Apparently Gondry may not have been the one responsible for the events ten years ago, but in fact been used as a tool and a scapegoat in those killings. Also, it seems as though Armed may be involved, possibly all of his old squad mates, and Gondry may have been used to cover up the loose ends.

Definitely some interesting plot twists. The hero to all Extends, who saved many people, may in fact be the villain behind one of the worst killings in Extend history. Looks like, once again, Juzo has gotten himself involved in way more trouble than he initially thought.


Special 7: Special Crime Investigation Unit

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Episode 7

What seemed like a relaxing day off after the terrorist attack for most, was not for Nijo. Everyone else was doing there own thing, which allowed us to see a little in their personal lives.

Nanatsuki and the Boss went out together to visit the grave of Luca Mizuma, the former detective of Special 7 that was presumably killed nine years ago. At the grave site, they met Ichinose who was visiting the grave too. The three of them talked for a bit, until Ichinose asked Nanatsuki to leave for a bit so he could talk with the Boss. Ichinose asked whether or not Boss knows about Nanatsuki’s powers, to which he told Ichinose that he has an idea. Boss doesn’t reveal what those powers are, of course, but tells Ichinose that Nanatsuki’s powers depend on what actions Nantsuki takes in the future.

Then we see, Bellemer, the Ninja, at her home playing video games, and that she is really really good at them, of course she is a ninja. We also see that Akane, the vampire samurai, is at her place cooking with her boyfreind or husband. The odd thing though is that we never see his face while he is talking, so I’m wandering if she has him in a trance or it’s simply just a misleading camera angle. Rokusuke, the sniper, is working out with his daughter and once finished they go and meet up with his wife for lunch.

It is very nice to finally see their personal lives outside of work and see more of who they are.

On the other hand, Nijo is doing some work of his own by acquiring more information on the events nine years ago and what happened to his brother, and how exactly Ichinose is at fault. Nijo is lead to a room in the basement of the bar he frequents and looks at what appears to be a video of some sort dealing with the events of nine years ago.

Though most of the episode is about the personal lives of Special 7 and a more character development driven plot, the more interesting story driven plot is after the credits. There we see Luca come face to face with the leader of Nine and the power that he possess, magic. He shows to Luca the power of magic and the power that the dragons of legend can grant to people, immortality. He also shows the Ichinose and Nijo in a vision dead to scare Luca into submission. We see that Luca was forced into joining Nine or Ichinose and Nijo would be killed by the power of Nine.


Thanks for reading.

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