Anime Fall 2019 Review Group 1

Part 6

Assassin’s Pride

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Episode 6

With the tournament over, the girls of both schools can now relax. An unsanctioned party hosted by the oldest students of each school puts on this party underneath the school after the house maid has making her rounds.

After the hostesses make their toasts, all of the girls indulge in the food and drink that is prepared for the party. Melida, Ellie, and two girls from St. d’Autriche, Salacha Shicksal, and Mule La Mor attend the party together. As the party was going on, Salacha and Mule told Melida and Ellie a local ghost story back where their from. From that ghost story Eliie and Melida were saddened and scared, Ellie mostly scared from it.

Then all of a sudden, a witch like figure from the very ghost story that was told to Melida and Ellie appeared. All four of the girls ran as soon as the witch begun to attack them and the other girls at the party. As the girls made their back onto school grounds, with the witch right behind them, Kufa appeared with what appeared to be a hole in his chest with blood coming from it. The girls screamed and the charade was over.

Back in Kufa’s room, he tells the girls that the whole thing was a farce and that Rosetti, Ellie’s tutor, was in on it too. The girls received a scolding for being part of the party. After that the girls slept in Kufa’s room while he watched over them, still scared from the incident I guess.

Definitely a filler episode but, I will say, an entertaining one. It seemed to be rather obvious to the viewer that it was a farce early on, but it was still entertaining to see the girls react and fall for the charade. The interesting development in this episode though was that now we see the relationship that Melida and Ellie once had, now come back to life. Ellie relies and Melida for comfort and support and Melida acts as the older sister, though they are cousins, to protect Ellie. Melida’s growth from the beginning to now has been significant both physically and mentally.


Val X Love

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Episode 7

Now that the culture festival is over, Takuma and the Valkyries can get back to their normal lives. Well, if you can call it normal.

Kururi, the youngest of the Valkyries, created an invention that allows Takuma to check on the personal care of all of the Valkyries, essentially making him like their doctor. One by one Takuma examines that girls according to what Kururi’s invention instructs him to check. Of course, each encounter results in some indecent disaster and either makes the girls run away or Takuma.

After that disaster, Itsuyo went to Misa and confided in her about falling behind in battle and falling behind with Takuma. So, Itsuyo asked Misa to show her what an actual date was which unknown to Itsuyo, Misa has never been on a date or been in love with anyone. Misa tries her best and asks Takuma to fold clothes with her alone, together in the laundry room. Once again a simple task leads to some awkwardness and puts one of the girls into some type of revealing situation in front of Takuma. All in all, the date was a success and Itsuyo was able to get some information about a date from it.

Overall, the episode felt like a filler episode with not a whole lot of substance. The only thing that could resemble character growth was that Misa realized that before they came along, Takuma was living in the house all alone. It was a nice filler episode with a bunch of fan-service to entertain the viewer, but no real substance dealing with a plot moving the anime forward.


Z/X Code Reunion

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Episode 7

So far two out of the five girls have reached Overboost. But that is going to have to wait, for now is the semester finals and if the girls don’t move up in rank they will be expelled.

Well, that’s going to have to wait, because as the battle was about to begin the enemy, the Inerma, attacked. With rank A and rank E team in orbit they are the only ones that can fight the Inerma. Shuri quickly attacks the Inerma, who at this stage it looks like a purple circle floating above the planet, but when she slices it in two, the Inerma changes into two snake-like creatures. The two Inerma quickly swallow up both teams disconnecting them from any help below. Inside the Inerma, the girls are attacked by its defenses and find themselves in trouble. They are overpowered by the enemy and get captured. Just as Asumi was going to get captured, Rigel pushed Asumi out of the way protecting her from harm.

Asumi seeing Rigel captured makes her feel helpless and sad that she cannot protect Rigel and the others. If she cannot help the others, then at least she wants to do is be with Rigel until the end. As they clasp each others hands, their bond unlocked their Overboost. Now in Overboost mode, Asumi and Rigel take out the Inerma defense and take out its core, thus destroying the Inerma.

The episode was beginning to look like a tournament-like episode, until the intervention by the Inerma. Kinda disappointing to have the threat of expulsion on the table for many episodes and then all of a sudden have it interrupted by an outside force. The goal was clear: put the girls, mainly Asumi, in some kind of peril and in that peril she will unlock her Overboost. I think that the same goal could of been achieved through the battle against team A and then the underdog team comes from behind and wins it.

Yes, that trope has been done throughout all forms of media, but so has the interruption by an outside force. Both achieve the same goal, but one has a more confidence builder than the other. Throughout the anime, Team A and their coach have flaunted their superiority complex against the other teams, so it would of been nice for Team E, the bottom ranking team, to knock them down a few pegs. But that is just my opinion. All in all, the episode was a great character development builder and now Team E has another member of its team that achieved Overboost.


Kadagawa Jet Girls

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Episode 6

Namiki and Misa are up against the team Hell’s Kitchen. Though their skills are evenly matched, their teamwork is not. It is plainly seen that Namiki is distracted by the taunting of the girls from Hell’s Kitchen. The race is short and ends in a lose for Namiki and Misa, but the main plot of the story is not the race but instead the realization of the lack of teamwork for Namiki and Misa.

They decide to spend time together and go to Asakusa. There they meet another Jet racing team, Baba Girls. Namiki actually met them once before but she didn’t know they were a Jet Racing team. Misa gets frustrated with their attitude and challenges them to a competition. Misa thought they would jet race but instead the Baba Girls take them to a water park and have a competition by playing some games. Throughout the many games, Misa and Namiki lose every single time, thus making it ever clear that their teamwork is lacking in a big way.

The only resolution in all of this is that Namiki and Misa take a step closer to one another, in terms of the friendship, and exchange numbers. Though sounds simple, Misa’s personal struggle is connecting to others around her.

Though the episode had little to do with jet Racing, the episode showed a different side of racing, teamwork. Namiki and Misa’s teamwork was never really established and formed, and now they are realizing that if they want to be elite jet racers then they have to build their teamwork on and off the water.


Thank you for reading.

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