Anime 2019 Fall Reviews Group 2

Part 5

Azur Lane

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Episode 6

Overall a very leisure episode, but it contained a good amount of character development.

Javelin and Laffey are even more determined of their feelings toward Ayanami. They know that they are enemies and should not care for one another, but deep down they still want to be friends with her and care for her. So, they cam to the decision that no matter what they would not give up on becoming friends with Ayanami.

Though it was small, Unicorn had a bit of development in this episode compared to the other episodes where she was basically a background character. She was concerned about her body and how different it was to the other girls her age and size. Laffey and Javelin stepped in and reassured her that there was nothing wrong with her body and that is what makes them individual and unique. Though this scene was short, the message was great.

The one development that surprised me the most was with Enterprise. Throughout the episode she started to open up to her fellow comrades around her and actually talk to them. Her distant demeanor started to fade and she began to see the joy around her that others enjoyed.

Not much to do with the main plot in this episode, but we did see a foreshadowing event with Akagi, in the Sakura empire, revealing a secret agenda that she may be hiding something.


Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode Oracle

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Episode 6

Looks like there might have a traitor in ARKS, two in fact.

After the battle on Themis was over, Ash and Matoi are attacked by Gettemhult. He is after Matoi for some unknown reason at the time. Ash, Zeno and Echo try to stop him but are easily overpowered by Gettemhults immense power. As Gettemhult make his way to the shuttle bay, we see Seana holding teh stff that Ash and Afin delivered to Zig to have Zig repair it. We also come to the conclusion that it was Gettemhult that attacked and stole the staff from Zig in the first place.

Gettemhult takes the staff and Matoi to Naverius and uses the staff to release the Dark Falz Elder that we were introduced to a couple of episodes back. Finally a plot that actually continues and wraps up. Gettemhult’s actions prior to releasing Dark Falz Elder seems to indicate that he may have been controlled by Dark Falz Elder into doing its bidding. Ash and Echo take an injured Seana and Matoi, and teleport back to an ARK ship, leaving Zeno and a member of the council of six Sacra to fight the Dark Falz controlled Gettemhult.

Then in one the most amazing animations in the series thus far, Dark Falz Elder transforms into this enormous sized being coming out of the planet. This being, which I believe is its true form, emerges from the planet’s surface and takes off from the planet and into an unknown direction. Ash and Echo look out from the ship’s window to see a large gaping whole in the planet where Zeno and Sacra were left to fight Gettemhult, leaving the fate of Zeno and Sacra unknown.

Overall, by far one the better episodes of the series. The singular plot flowed very well. There even was a holy crap moment when the ginormous being rose from the planets surface. We also find out that Gettemhult is not the only traitor in ARKS. A short scene alludes to the fact that a person in high chain of command is orchestrating, or at least helping, release Dark Falz Elder from its slumber. Not much of him is seen throughout the series except through the opening credits. But now that Dark Falz Elder is released, I’m sure he is going to reveal himself soon.


No Guns Life

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Episode 6

Juzo finds himself in a case of betrayal, deception, and vengeance.

With the rest of the gang locked up in EMS care, Juzo is left to his own devices to solve this case from Olivier. We have Olivier ask Juzo to capture a man by the name Gondry, who is known as the first Extended killer, for recently killing three people as soon as Gondry broke out of prison.

Seems like Olivier has a connection to Gondry and his past murders due to the fact that every time the murders of ten years ago come up in their conversation, she glances over to a picture and her and her father. It seems to insinuate that Gondry murdered her father ten years ago.

Juzo, while at one of the victims home, found out that Gondry was part of the original testing for Over Extended experiments. Gondry was part of a military unit that were the test subjects for these experiments. The motive for Gondry in betraying and killing his former comrades is unknown at this time. Also while at the victims home, Juzo encounters Cronen, Olivier’s subordinate who dislikes Extendeds, also investigating these murders. They have a little scuffle, but in the end they agree to work this case together instead of getting in each others way.

Then when Juzo and Cronen arrive at the location of the final victim. The victim, a now famous man thought of as a hero of the extend technology, is attacked by who they believe is Gondry. They soon realize that this man is not Gondry and perplexed by who this imposter is. Meanwhile, the last victim, Tokisada, escapes surrounded by his bodyguards while Tokisada carries away a lone girl, who gave him flowers. Believing they are safe, the bodyguards are then skewered by tentacle-like spikes coming from the little girl. Tokisada falls to the ground in fear as the little girl morphs into a tall black haired figure with metal spiked tentacles appendages coming from his body.

Overall, an engaging episode from beginning to end. This episode felt like the beginning of the series when it focused on Juzo and the cases involving Extends for him to solve. The music that plays throughout the episode and the series really sets the tone for the scene, but in this episode particular the music has a sad and dark presence that makes each scene that much better. Before I knew it the episode was over.


Special 7: Special Crime Investigation Unit

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Episode 6

The time is now, the team must take out the terrorist before they take out the hostages. Ichinose designates each team member to a certain floor to take out the terrorist before they can harm the hostages. One by one the terrorists are taken down and the hostages are saved. But its revealed that what the terrorist thought the hostages were supposed to be used for, a sacrifice for a ritual, was not the whole truth. Yes, the hostages were to be added to the ritual but the real sacrifices for the ritual were the terrorist themselves. The location, the mall, was just a place to chosen to cause the most damage.

The whole reason that the leader of Nine, the terrorist group, exists is to summon a dragon and cause great destruction. So, when the terrorists were sacrificed for the ritual a dragon was born, albeit a small one. Now the team must find a way to destroy the dragon and save the city along with themselves.

During the fight Nanatsuki, once again, leads to the fact that he is not who we think he is, a normal human. We know that Nanatsuki is different but this is the first time that it is clear without a shadow of doubt to everyone else that he has some power or ability. Nanatsuki himself has no clue and is curious about what he displayed during the fight with the dragon. It seems like we may be getting answers about who he really is and what is going on with him, hopefully.

The one thing that bugged me was how Nijou appeared out of nowhere, and no one seemed worried about his whereabouts, all but Nanatsuki.

There was some foreshadowing with the chief of police that he might be involved with Nine or at least wants Special 7 abandoned. Hopefully there is some plot twist with that in future episodes. Overall, a nice wrap up episode with a bit of foreshadowing of what is to come.


Thanks for reading.

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