Anime 2019 Fall Reviews Group 2

Part 2

Azur Lane

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Episode 3

Overall, episode 3 is a very light hearted episode with a focus on the air craft carrier, Enterprise. She is very stern and serious when it comes to battle rushing into every battle without the proper care to her equipment. A light cruiser, Belfast, seeks her out due to concern and intrigue, and wishes to find out why Enterprise does what she does.

The battle from episode 2 quickly concludes with in the first couple of minutes of episode 3, but in that conclusion it show just how banged up Enterprise has been this whole time. Again, a heavy focus on Enterprise in this episode. This episode does set up future development between these two later on. The only other development that was present was with the main girls in the beginning, Laffey and Javelin, and the girl from the Sakura Empire, Ayanami. Not much is shown but at least the development is present and we will see progress in it in future episodes.

Character development with this many characters is extremely challenging, and almost impossible when it comes to an anime with roughly a 12 episode contract, so only certain ones will be chosen and given plots and sub-lots to add depth to the characters.

The scenery is absolutely amazing in this episode. Through out the episode, the water is shown to be a beautiful blue during the day, a wonderfully calming red, orange, and yellow at sunset, and rough and deadly during a terrible storm. All in all, it seems like the true beauty of this show is the sea itself.


Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode Oracle

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Episode 3

For an anime with a huge library of source material, like Phantasy Star, the anime seems lacking to implore the whole array of material at their disposal. The mystery of Ash and what happened ten years ago keeps being alluded from any sort of answer by some inconsequential incident. Even the other character Afin and Matoi are being either left behind of development or teased with another unanswered plot.

More characters were introduced as members of the Council of Six that fought the Darl Falz, the one who caused a war between it and six Arks members who defeated it 40 years ago. Apparently though, that was a lie. The Six were only able to seal Dark Falz and it has been sustaining itself on that planet by luring Arks members and feeding off their energy. Sounds interesting right? Well you only find out about that in the last few minutes of the episode so everything else before is kind dull.

I do like the fact the the government of the Arks tell the people their “truth” of the incident 40 years and hide the actual truth from them for risk that the hope that they held for the Six would be diminished. It does sound overplayed in most animes, but the truth is is that it happens all the time and is almost like a normal thing. Those in power will always do what they think is best to try and control the people and hide the truth because it is easier that way. Of course though, the truth always comes out in the end.

It looks like the future episodes, at least the next one, will be rather interesting and should answer some questions, I hope.


No Guns Life

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Episode 3

The thing that catches me with with the show is the attentiveness with the story and not relying on cheap fan service or comedic inserts to make it appealing, but rather on the story and characters to propel the series forward. The scenery is very close and personal instead of wide open views to center on the character and the moment that they are in. Definitely reminds me of old school anime.

Juuzo is the main character but also acts like a mentor for another character, Tetsuro. Tetsuro wants to help others that are in the same situation that he was once in but struggles with the reality that he cannot do anything without being able to move his own body, which Juuzo reminds him and tells him to focus in yourself before helping anyone else.

Both are put in a tight spot when Beruzen, once again, comes after the pair. Beruzen is the overlord company controlling society and they want Juuzo and Tetsuro, who they see as a disruption to their control, out of the picture quickly but quietly.

Tetsuro, using Harmony to control Juuzo’s body, discovers that Beruzen is trying to lure them out with two other kids, both of them girls, were who in a similar experimental facility. These two girls have no choice in what they are doing because Beruzen basically brainwashed them to think that the facility is their home. Now its up to Tetsuro to save them from a fate with Beruzen that they can never escape.


Special 7: Special Crime Investigation Unit

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Episode 3

Holy foreshadowing. Okay, so a little spoiler here. First we find out that a current member of Special 7 is the brother of that guy who saved Nanatsuki, inspiring Nanatsuki to become a police officer. Then we find out that Ichinose was that guys partner and may be the reason that he is now missing. Not much is said more or resolved, but we do know that it is a coming in future episodes.

A nice teamwork episode, as every member had to work as one to accomplish a very sensitive mission: disarm interconnected bombs. Definitely shows the trust and cooperation that this team has for one another. Again though in this episode it alludes to the fact that Nanatsuki might be something or someone more than he is letting on. He was cut up in a life threatening occurrence but came out unscathed and brushed off any injuries, that a normal person would of been killed by, like it was nothing.

We see development with Nanatsuki and Ichinose again but not much with the rest of Special 7. I do hope that in future episodes they touch up with more background and development into these characters.

Nine, the terrorist organization, rears its head from the shadows. They still allude any direct confrontation and remain hidden from the eyes of the public. I definitely have a feeling that very soon Nine will step forth from the shadows and commence their true plan for the city.


Thanks for reading.

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