Anime Fall 2019 Reviews Group 1

Part 2:

Assassin’s Pride

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Episode 2

First off, a definite improvement over the 1st episode. In this episode, Melida participates in a class tournament. Now that she has the use of mana she can now show her fellow classmates, but more importantly her father, what she can do. Though she is scared and nervous, she rises to the challenge and give it her all.

This episode but also the last episode definitely shows a theme of bullying and neglect, and what that can do to someones mental self. Due to her lack of mana, she was an outcast from her classmates and her family essentially making her feel worthless, but upon acquiring mana her confidence and determination increased. Though her father was not impressed, Kufa was there to remind her that she gained confidence in herself and that she should be proud.

This episode seems to want you to feel bad for Melida and root for her every step of way. On the outside of the show it seems like a basic plot but on the inside, to me, it shows the harm of bullying and abuse from those around, but if you have at least one person that believes in you and helps you to grow then you can make it and those hurtful things that others do becomes meaningless.


Val X Love

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Episode 3

New episode, new character. It is definitely looking like each episode will look into a backstory for that new character and into some awkward situation between Takuma and the Valkyrie. This time it’s Takuma and the big busted character of the series, also she is an idol. I do not get it, but it seem as though the big busted character has become some type of anime trope now. And of course, she is associated with the ogling of her breasts that comes with that trope. I guess it wouldn’t be a fan service show without a big breasted character. But, I digress.

In this episode though it starts to divulge a little bit more into the villains of the series, which is not the akuma like it lead you to believe but instead a secret organization. The episode also shows a little bit more of both of the characters backstory and what conflicts them in their personal lives.

I do believe that if this show wants to be semi unique, then it should not follow the format of many other shows like it and focus on the fan service, but instead split that and the conflict with the villains. The idea of Valkyries comes from Asgard to protect Midgard is an interesting idea and their combat abilities and weapons are interesting as well, but there needs to be more to keep the show interesting and not just be another fan service show.


Z/X Reunion

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Episode 3

This episode kinda felt like an introduction to the series rather than the next episode. Not happened that really made a progressive impact. With this episode it does feel as though they are sliding into the slice of life category and not the sci-fi fantasy action category. The only battle scene in this episode was over in 10 seconds. What the episode did was set up a task for the girls to move up from the bottom in class rank, very typical. Don’t get me wrong, it does have some chuckles and funny moments but my attention kinda lagged a bit while watching.

The enemy and its agenda is revealed, but vaguely. I’m hoping that the next episodes pack a bigger punch, a bigger reveal, and actual character progress to make this show interesting. It has an interesting story and potential but if it is executed properly.


Kadagawa Jet Girls

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Episode 3

Kandagawa Jet Girls really pulled it off in character development. As you may tell I am really big on characters and their development throughout the series. This episode introduced new characters and really showed a reason for them to join Namiki in her jet racing club, whether it be for the love of the sport or be a rivalry with another school. Each character has a developmental reason to progress them further in the show. Namiki is definitely the goofy, ditzy at times type of character that kinda binds them all together.

Then we are introduced to two other characters that are jet racers too, unknowing to Namiki and Misa. In the end they decide to have a race but the episode concludes and we have to wait until next week to see the race, which may be for the better in order to have an extended race rather than an anti-climatic one. I am a little disappointed that there was no jet racing in this episode but it did at least leave off for a race in the beginning of the next episode.

The fan service shots and movements of certain female body parts were a bit ridiculous, but it did make me laugh. It may be just me but I have a feeling that Misa might have developing feelings for Namiki. I don’t know if they are just friendship feelings, since she really never had a friend quite like Namiki, or something more. That would be an interesting twist and great sub-plot in the story.

Kandagawa Jet Girls is definitely a show that I look forward to watching and I hope you do too.


Thank you for reading.

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