Anime Fall 2019 Review Group 1

Part 3

Assassin’s Pride

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Episode 3

Melida Angel seems to be coming to terms with her family turmoil, thanks to Kufa. Melida’s fascination and admiration for Kufa continues to grow into more of an infatuation. Kufa and Melida’s relationship makes somewhat of progress, though it may be one-sided. Melida certainly has an infatuation with Kufa, but Kufa may only see her as a pupil and as a noblewoman, not a love interest. We may see in future episodes that he comes to reciprocate those feelings that Melida has for him right back towards her.

Her personal growth comes into full effect in this episode when Melida and Elli, her prodigy cousin, are attacked. Melida manages to protect Elli from the enemy who wishes to do them both harm. Though she manages to escape, due to her lack of experience she is still overwhelmed by the enemy. Kufa and Rose, Elli’s tutor, come to rescue and we get to see them showcase their abilities and power.

Kufa takes chase after the main villain and a fight erupts. Kufa manages to stay ahead and overwhelm the enemy. But the enemy takes out some container that seems to hold an egg and inject a serum of sort into the egg. A powerful chimera is born from this egg. Kufa tries to fight it off but gets his arm torn off and himself eaten. The enemy thinks he won, but turns around and sees the chimera imploding itself. Kufa is seen standing there, his hair turning white and his eyes glowing blue. As he walked toward the enemy his footsteps froze the floor beneath him. Kufa Vampir is a vampire, and a scary but cool vampire at that.

I know kinda on the nose here, Kufa Vampir is a vampire but nothing really showed that he was really a vampire until now. I mean for all we know Melida might in fact be an angel, I doubt it but who knows.

But finally, an episode worthy of the Gothic picturesque theme that it wants to be. Towards the end of the episode, a festival is going on and we see a wide shot of the buildings, the lights, and the people all dressed in the appropriate attire for the Gothic theme. Overall, a definite improvement over the last couple of episodes.


Val X Love

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Episode 4

Alright, so this episode did not follow the trend of the others in the way of introducing a new girl, getting into some awkward or perverted situation, and then resolving it by battling. This time it was a little more heart warming as the girls of the Takuma’s house try and cheer him up with a game. But now it was a perverted type of game where the person it had to steal the underwear of the players to win, kinda unnecessary. Once the game was over, the girls presented a gift to Takuma, a good luck charm, to help him with his studies.

Honestly it was nice that they skirted away from the pattern but it didn’t leave much to show of the bond or connection that Takuma and the girls have or want to have with one another. A lot of missed opportunities could of made this part more engaging.

A common trend in high school anime, because lets face it this is not much of a fantasy or action anime that it seems to be, is cultural festivals and maid cafe. So Takuma’s class is doing a maid cafe. The only plot point in this episode is when the Vice president of the student council, who we are aware is actually evil, comes in to check on the class’s theme for the festival. It seems like his actual was to infect the other students of the class with an akuma virus, making them attack Natsuki and Takuma. With Natsuki in trouble, Takuma quickly got on his feet and fought off the attacking students and destroyed the akuma virus that attached to the students heads. This definitely shows that Takuma is growing a bit more, ever so slowly.

For a show that is inspired by a great mythology like Norse mythology, it seems to not want to show that. I will say, for now, the show is kinda misleading from the opening song where they show the girls dressed in battle and showcasing their flashy weapons and moves, but instead we get a high school harem drama. I sure hope it gets interesting soon, and perhaps drops the high school drama and shows the visuals associated with the opening theme.


Z/X Code Reunion

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Episode 4

Two fronts are forming in the series, one behind the battlefield and the other in the middle of the battlefield. The one behind is the political agenda that seems to look at the other realms in a more hierarchical format from those in charge. The one in the middle are the girls preparing for whatever the enemy will confront them with.

The political side of this series is an interesting sub-plot that we only get snippets of periodically in each episode until it takes full form and reveals itself in full. It seems to be that the girls may be nothing more than pawns for this government source and does not look at the girls as people but only soldiers.

We see the girls train and train to become capable for battle, but we also get to see the growth with one another as their grow to become better friends and partners. Azumi and Rigel are growing ever closer with one another, and in this episode we see the largest growth in Rigel, as she learns that she needs Azumi just as much as Azumi needs her.

Though nothing too major happened in this episode and the plot really didn’t move forward, the episode focused on moving the characters forward instead. The main girls were all exhausted from training with their coach, but they forgot that they are all in this together and will make it together.

I imagine that very soon we will see all the work that the main girls have put into their training be put into real battle. Hopefully the battle ends well for them and gives them the confidence knowing that their hard work has paid off.


Kadagawa Jet Girls

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Episode 4

Race day! Namiki and Misa take on Jennifer Peach and Emily Orange. the race is to see who will get a yellow dolphin cellphone charm. Yep, a yellow cellphone charm. But it also a friendly race between two jet racing teams who met and want to test their skills, so there is that too.

The race was most certainly more interesting than the first race that we saw. This race was more of an obstacle course showcasing the maneuverability of Namiki and Misa’s racer, the Orcano, and the boost power of Jennifer and Emily’s racer, the Cuisine 2. Throughout the race, which I won’t spoil most of it, each racer shows off its abilities and capabilities. With Namiki and Jennifer piloting the jet racers, Misa and Emily are the gunners. Misa uses her sub-machine gun and Emily uses a bazooka. Emily does manage to trip up Namiki and Misa but they do recover and adapt. This race definitely gives us the vibe the Namiki and Misa are meant to be partners and will go far with one another. When Namiki is nervous about the next bazooka shot, Misa is there to tell Namiki to trust her and close the gap between them and the Cuisine 2. If you want to know who wins then you have to watch the episode, its worth the watch.

The fan service is definitely there but it doesn’t over power the scenes and is not the main focus, the race is. This episode does show us more racing teams as each team checks out the ongoing race from their phones, showing us the potential opponents for Namiki and Misa.

Underneath the racing aspect is the trust and bond between Namiki and Misa that is growing and making them a stronger team. With every win or lose, their bond will grow and their jet racing future will be one step closer.


Thanks for reading.

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