Review: To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts Episode 11

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The Start of Troubles Ahead

We find four soldiers just outside a stronghold to what appears to be a scouting mission. Suddenly the soldiers are killed one by one by arrows. Just outside the stronghold gate, the Centaur from Cain’s party is shown as the one who fired those arrows. Cain appears behind the Centaur and tells Cain that they have been found. Cain smirks and tells him that it’s all going as planned.

Now in the President’s office, his officials talk about how they are going to proceed taking the fortress. Their plan was to send as many soldiers as they could in order to take the fortress and kill Cain.

Switching over to the fort where Claude and his men took shelter, Claude is interrogating Hank. hank remains calm as Claude demands that he answer his question or he will beat them out of Hank. Schaal intervenes telling Claude that their goals are the same so why not just work together. Claude scoff at this idea of her. Their conversation was going nowhere, but Gerald interrupted putting it to rest and tells Claude that they have received orders to go to Cain’s fortress with the rest of the army.

A they reach camp, they can see the fortress in the distance. As they discuss the battle plan, hank reveals the enemy that is causing all the casualties and injured: Incarnate Centaurus. As Hank is disguised as a fellow soldier the other men do not think anything odd and believe he is part of the Incarnate extermination unit. The mission leader asks Hank how he would deal with the enemy, to which Hank tell him that there is only one way: a night raid.

Now nighttime, the men prepare for the enemy. Arrows come flying down at the soldiers, but every single one misses. Centaurus has no choice but to use close quarters combat. As Centaurus charges at the men killing a few, the remaining men flee in fear. This is now hanks chance to turn into his werewolf form and launch his attack. Hank leads Centaurus into a trap, where the extermination unit was waiting to capture and kill him. As Centaurus laid on the captured and shot by volleys of bullets, it seemed that he was killed. But Centaurus sprang up, all healed, saying that he his stronger now than what hank remembers and flees back to the fortress.

At the fortress he is welcomed with smiles by the New Patria soldiers and Cain. Centaurus tells Cain that Hank was there just like he said. Cain comments that the next phase can now begin.

In the morning, the ally soldiers are preparing trenches for the upcoming battle. All the preparations take till the evening, where Schaal feels useless because she is not being allowed to help. Liza, carrying stuff in her arms as tall as she is asks Schaal for help with the medical supplies. With preparations winding down Schaal goes over to Hank, who is sitting by the fire cleaning his gun, and reflect on their journey together.

The morning comes and the battle begins. The men charge the fortress as its canon-fire tries to stop them. The battle lasts into the evening with no sign of Centaurus. The men are hunkered behind the destroyed outer wall of the fortress, when arrows start hitting them in their backs. Centaurus appears charging at them, shooting arrows and throwing bombs, killing countless soldiers. The extermination unit steps in to quell Centaurus’s killing spree. The unit manages to lead him into another trap where they simply cloths-lined his legs causing him to trip. As he fell to the ground Hank threw his spear, tied with an explosive, pierced his arm and the explosion tore his entire left arm off.

A flashback shows that Centaurus was once a doctor who struggled with the fact that every time he saved a soldier, the soldier would head back into battle to be later found dead. But once he became an Incarnate, every time he killed an enemy soldier, his comrades would be safe and not have to die. This had an immense psychological effect on his mind.

As Centaurus reveled in the fact the more he kills the more people praise him and the more his comrades are saved, his arm began to regenerate right before Hank’s eyes. Hank transforms and battles with Centaurus once again. Meanwhile, the leading major of the battle overlooks the battle and tells one his men to ready the secret weapon: a dozen of bomb-like canisters. These canisters are the cliffhanger foreshadowing an unknown fate of Centaurs, but also for Hank.

The series up to this point has really been trudging along. Each episode seems to be repeating the same format one after the other: dialogue between characters, small plot reveals, and interrupted battles. Don’t get me wrong, I am enjoying the series but it does seem to be predictable in some cases. We know that there will be 12 episodes in this series so far, but I am not too sure if the show could really survive another 12 without really milking the conflict between Hank and Cain.

Thank you for reading.

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