Review: The Abandoned Sacred Beasts Episode 10

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Two Oaths

Starting off with a flashback to who Roy, the werewolf-like beast, was. He was a foot soldier in the war who was wounded in battle. Elaine decided to take him and use him as a test subject to make him into an Incarnate. The experiment was a success. Hank met him as Roy woke up after the experiment and greeted him as part of the group. Roy grew a bond with Hank and would head into battle as a team together. We see why Roy has such a hate for Hank now, as he sees hank as a traitor to the Incarnates but to Roy himself as well.

From the last episode we saw Hank plummet into chasm. Schaal was on who found Hank and treated his wounds inside a cave, while the men above hunted the Incarnate. The Incarnate tried to escape but everywhere he hid the men found him and attacked. If the he could be found, then the only option he had was to go on the offensive and kill them. The Incarnate managed to wipe out many of the men.

Back at the fort, the remaining men are preparing to head out and give backup in killing the Incarnate. Liza rushes in to ask about Schaal, but they tell her that there is no word on her. Liza decides to go with them. Claude decides to go too but Liza objects. Claude tells her he cannot let his men get wiped out and asks for her help to get him there and watch over him.

In the cave, Hank and Schaal are talking and he tells her the he is relieved that she is still alive. Schaal tells him about the incident with her father, which surprises Hank as he thought that he had killed him. Schaal then proceeds to tell him that she now understands how he must have felt when he shot her father and his other comrades. Hank, on the other hand, confided in Schaal as to if what he is doing is actually saving his comrades or just killing his friends. Hank started to break down a little to the point where he asked Schaal to kill him while he is still human. Schaal tears up, hurt that Hank would ever think of that. Hank apologizes to her, tells her stay in the cave, and leaves to finish things off with Roy.

Throughout the interaction with Hank and Schaal, there definitely feels like there is romantic feelings between Hank and Schaal.

The men above check in with Gerald, the second on command, and inform him that the attacks have ceased and the target has been lost. Gerald informs them to stay alert and search. Just then, one of the men is sent hurdling past Gerald with bloody claw marks on his chest. The remaining men all form a circle to have eyes in every direction. But one by one, Roy manages to take them out leaving Gerald the last surviving man. Roy then charges Gerald and grabs him, encasing Gerald’s chest inside his large claw. Gerald only smiles and says that he has Roy right where he wants him. Steel lines come shooting out the trees trapping Roy in place, while more men surround Roy pointing their guns at him. Roy comments that if they fire then Gerald would die too, but Gerald tells Roy that they are ready to die to wipe out the Incarnate threat. Fortunately, Gerald did not get shot, but unfortunately, Roy survived the volley of shots. Roy cut the line that trapped him and was about to kill Gerald when Claude, with the help from Liza, leaped into the air and firing a cannon shot at Roy. Even after all that, Roy still managed to escape.

Schaal, who is still in cave, reflects on what Hank told her about the Incarnates and that once they lose their humanity, they are nothing but beasts. Schaal decides that she will be there for Hank and help him. Then presumably follows after him.

Roy, battered, bloodied, and beaten trudges through the snow trying to escape from the battle. Hank appears before Roy telling him that their fight isn’t over. Hank, holding and explosive, is ready to end his life and Roy’s together. But Schaal, kneeling down in front of Hank points her rifle at Roy and shoots him in his leg. Schaal then basically reprimands Hank on trying to end his life and tells him that he is still human, and with tears in her eyes tells him that if he ever becomes a beast then she will kill him, swearing an oath to him.

Roy gets up and tries to attack Schaal. Hank, now relieved of any guilt that he was feeling, transforms into his werewolf form and punches Roy square in the head sending him back. As the battle rages on, Schaal just watches in awe. Eventually Claude, Liza, and the rest of the men appear from the forest and see the two Incarnates fighting. Finally, the battle comes to end as Hank pierces Roy’s chest. With his last dying breath, Roy tells Hank that he wished that he could fight alongside Hank on the battlefield one last time. Hank pulls out his gun and and shooting Roy in the head killing him and ending his rampage.

Overall the whole fight scene reminded me of a Dragonball Z fight. Those fights would last for countless of episodes with no real end in sight. But, overall the episode did resolve the conflict that Hank had with himself, thanks to Schaal. One thing I am definitely hoping to see is the progression of their relationship.

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