Anime 2019 Fall Reviews Group 2

Part 4

Azur Lane

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Episode 5

The maid infiltrators are on the run! For the maid spies, the scene is quite grim. The Sakura Empire has them surrounded. Their only hope is to wait until Azur Lane arrives and rescues them. Though the battle wages on, it is not long until Sakura Empire and Ironboold have to retreat or risk casualties. Azur Lane has them outnumbered and out gunned.

Meanwhile, Ayanami still struggles fighting, not for the sake of war but fighting the friends that she has made in the Blue Eagles, Laffey, and Royal Navy, Javelin. And when she confronts them in battle, the pain in Ayanami’s eyes is clear. Laffey and Javelin refuse to fight her, which angers Ayanami, but instead tell her that though they may be on opposing sides, it still doesn’t mean that they cannot be friends.

Though the scenery was dull and grim, that added to the danger that the spies were in. It also made the battlefield quite different this time. The previous battles were always held in open beautiful waters, but this time the battle was in an island city area with tight corners and linear paths. But war is like that at times, and this episode really changed the dynamic of the fights.

The struggles with Ayanami and her possible decision of sides finally came to a hard truth. In order for her to become true friends with Laffey and Javelin, Ayanami is going to have to abandon the Sakura Empire, which she sees as her family. I do see her swutching sides when the truth is revealed that the Sakura Empire is using an evil Siren tech to gain power.

In the end, the shining star of this battle and of Azur Lane is and will always be Enterprise.


Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode Oracle

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Episode 5

The Ark ship Themis is under attack by Falspawn. But this attack may not be random at all, but instead an attack by someone controlling the Falspwan to attack Arks. The man, geared in purple Arks armor, that attacked Ash out of nowhere in an earlier episode and attacked Ash in this episode appears to be the one responsible for the attack on Themis. There seems to be a connection between Ask, Matoi, and this man but the connection is not clear yet. The battle on Themis looms on while civlians are evacuated, but unfortunately many are caught up in the battle and are killed. While Ash and Afin battle the Falspawn on Themis and see the death and destruction, Matoi is witnessing that same death helping in the medical wing to treat the wounded.

As the battle concluded and the dust settled, Ash and Afin checked on Zig, the robot blacksmith who was fixing the weapon Ash brought him, to see if he was unharmed. Though he was split in two at his waist by unknown assailant, he was okay. Zig then explained that that unknown assailant took the weapon that Ash brought to him.

Though the series itself has great combat animation, each episode seems to lack any significant story development. when the topic of ten years ago comes up, a sudden interruption always cuts the topic short. Some of the deviations and plot twists are good and it keeps the story moving, but without substance from the characters and the plot twists, the story and characters will fall flat.

I feel that this show has a lot of potential and source material to work with, it is feeling very slow and undeveloped. The whole mystery of ten years ago being constantly teased is getting old and aggravating.


No Guns Life

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Episode 5

Juuzou’s actions have caught up to him. Last episode he fired a shot out of his head gun, which was extremely powerful. Well apparently that caught the attention of the EMS, who strictly enforces laws and punishments against Extends. The one who came to visit Juuzou and arrest him is Olivier, a friend of Juuzou’s, who made an arrangement with him long ago that if he is caught up in some mess and she is called to arrest him, then in order for Juuzou not to be taken to jail, he must do a job for her. This job: capture one of the most dangerous Extended escapees.

This episode had a different feel to the previous episode, but still showed the effects of what Juuzou was involved in with the previous episode. This episode is more of the set-up episode for the future episodes. With deadly this escapee was made to seem, I’m sure it will be at least a couple of episodes. Before the set-up, the episode painted the picture of Tetsuro, Mary, and Juuzou finally becoming more of friends instead of acquaintances.

We do see aspect of foreshadowing in the way that Juuzou acts when he realizes what they are becoming when they are sitting down for a meal together. Juuzou does not want to get close or familiar with people because it may lead to putting them in danger or getting them injured, so Juuzou leaves abruptly. Glad to see another side of Juuzou being revealed and developed for future episodes.


Special 7: Special Crime Investigation Unit

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Episode 5

Inchinose, Nijou, and Nanatsuki find themselves trapped inside a mall when the terrorist group Nine invades. Ichinose and Nanatsuki stay upstairs surveying the floors while Nijou heads to the basement. Due to the hostages and being severely outnumbered, there is very little that they can do. With quick thinking, Ichinose and Nanatsuki manage to subdue one of the terrorists, and Nanatsuki takes his place. Meanwhile, the rest of Special 7 try to infiltrate to mall unnoticed. The team manages to subdue all of the terrorists on the top floor, but the threat below still remains and the hope of backup out of the question.

Meanwhile, Nijou is in the basement backed up in a corner with no hope of escape. Several professional looking terrorists geared up to their teeth are stopping Nijou from a safe exit. Nijou decides to try his luck and set off the car alarm of a nearby vehicle, distracting the terrorists while Nijou jumps out and quickly dispatches them. Unfortunately for Nijou another terrorist, who we recognize as working close with the head of Nine, appears before Nijou and shoots him. Nijou lies on the ground wounded uncertain of his fate as the terrorist points his gun at his head. Just then Nijou gets a good look at this man’s face and realizes that it is his brother. The brother that Nijou has been looking for and blames Ichinose for abandoning him is right in front of his face.

Honestly, I though this was going to be some distraction or some diverting case dissociated to Nine and their plot, but it seems as though this will be the catalyst for their true plan. The twist at the end involving the terrorist in charge possibly being the brother of Nijou was a little surprising. I really thought that perhaps, the brother was killed by the head of Nine and that the brother actually saved Ichinose out of his own volition. This episode definitely brings a cliffhanger for the next episode.


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