Anime Fall 2019 Reviews Group 1

Part 1:

This group of anime will be coming from the streaming site, Of course, not all of the current simulcast anime in be here, but a handful of the ones that I like or find interesting. We all have our personal taste in anime and if I pick those genres that I do not like, then the review will not be honest.

Assassin’s Pride

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Episode 1

Assassin’s Pride is setting the mood to entice the audience for a dark fantasy story. This anime does that well enough, but does not expand on it to the same degree. The lead, Kufa Vampir, is introduced as a dark brooding mysterious character. After his introduction, he is tasked with acting as a bodyguard and teacher to Melida Angel, who is the heiress to the Angel family. He acts very courteous towards her, which as we can tell will make her fall in love with him. Although he acts as her bodyguard and teacher, he has a secret assignment: if Angel cannot display any magic abilities then he is to kill her and rid the Angel family from a disgrace.

See, every noble house exhibits magic ability at age seven, all except Angel. So her not having any aptitude for magic is a sign of perhaps non-royal blood. There is speculation that she is not of royal blood. Because of her lack of magic, she is the subject of bullying from the other royals who have magic, and mark her as their personal target practice.

In the end, Kufa sees her struggle and refusal to give up and decides to help train her and awaken her magic abilities.

The story is decent but only one character was really shown a sliver of depth, Angel. For a show that seems to have a Gothic theme, it sure does not utilize the architecture or dark colors that come with it. All in all it seems to leave the viewer or audience with a feeling of . . . okay.


Val X Love

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Episode 1 and 2

Val X Love is a harem anime that centers around Takuma Akutsu, a very tall angry looking high school boy. He has a phobia of people and thus, is very timid. Due to his tall stature and scary demeanor, everyone is afraid of him. They call him “akuma,” which means demon. There also have been many incidences in which people are being attacked by what people describe as an “akuma,” and his classmates are linking those attacks to Takuma even though their is no proof that he attacked anyone.

Takuma apparently lives alone, but some of his classmates claim that they have heard voices coming form his house, which only fuels the flame of his creepiness and mysteriousness. We soon find out that his house is in fact inhabited by other people besides only Takuma, the nine daughters of Odin, the Valkyries.

So this anime starts out like most typical harem shows, and it plays out like them too. I will admit, the only thing that is special about this anime is the fact that the characters are centered around Norse mythology. Personally I love Norse mythology, most mythologies to be honest, so it is exciting to hear their Valkyrie names. The same anime character tropes that follow harem genre anime’s are ever present in Val X Love. Each episode is going to center around one or two of the Valkyries and the awkward situation that she and Takuma get into.

If comedy harems are something you like, then I check this one out and if not, then perhaps skip it.

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Z/X Code Reunion

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Episode 1 and 2

Interestingly, this anime is based off of a trading card game, TCG, Z/X -Zillions of enemy X. The setting has a very futuristic/sci-fi feel. Each girl is partnered with a ZX, which battles the enemy before them. These girls and their partner are sent to an Academy that hones their skills to better utilize the relation with their partner.

The main character focus is with Azumi Kagamihara and her partner Rigel. their first meeting definitely shows us that their will need to be relationship growth between them as Azumi admires and sees Rigel as a friend, but Rigel sees Azumi as just an arm to direct and swing her into battle. The anime continues to introduce some more key characters and then throws them into a battle against an unknown enemy.

The characters neither outshine one another nor do they lack any sustenance. Within these two episodes the story flows and resolves the previous episode conflicts, while also introducing new development for the next episodes. The show definitely feels like it can go somewhere, but more episodes will definitely need to keep up with the start.


Kandagawa Jet Girls

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Episode 1 and 2

Definitely different than other anime that I enjoy, but Kandagawa Jet Girls interested me when I saw the jet ski racing and battling. There was a game that I played as a kid called Splashdown: Rides Gone Wild, and I loved it. So I though watching an anime about jet skis and racing could be fun. Of course you have to introduce the main characters of the series and how they come together. Even though I wanted to get to the racing as quickly as possible, I also want good character development.

Unfortunately, the character intros are nothing new and are rushed to get to the conflict. A lot is going on before the race even begins and it just feels like a lot of it is skipped or ignored.

One of the main characters, Rin Namiki, is the daughter of a professional Jet Racer, while the other main character Misa is an aspiring Jet Racer. They don’t seem to have much in characteristics that many have seen before, but they do move the story and create drama and conflict that the anime needs to stay interesting.

The true nature or draw in the show is by far the fan service. It is very clear that fan service is their aim. With devices in the anime that explain why the racing suits break apart revealing small bathing suits underneath and the angles of the girl’s body parts make it very clear that fan service is most certainly part of this shows catch.

For a fictional sport anime along with it being fan service too, I believe that this show will do well even though the characters and their stories are nothing too special. Past that, I do find the racing and battling of jet skis really fun and enjoyable.


Thank you for reading. Look to Group 2 for more anime reviews!

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