Review: To the Abandoned Scared Beasts Episode 8

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Songstress of Sleep

The episode opens with a beautiful light blonde haired woman, introduced as Trice, singing to a crowd. The crowd adores her and her singing. A little girl walks up on the stage to hand her a bouquet of flowers but as the little hands them to her, suddenly her hands turn into wings and the flowers fall. The same woman then wakes up, and we see that she she has large feathered wings and what looks like a mermaids tail, almost like a siren.

The scene shifts to an office where men are talking about the the proceedings of the extermination of the Incarnates. The man sitting behind the desk is the president of Patria. A different man is informing the president that within 6 months, but then is suddenly cut off by the president who says that he wants the extermination done within 3 months. Two other men who were in the room with the president leave and discuss their thoughts on the war. They do reveal the presidents name: Richard Withers.

Shifting to a towns shoreline, Claude and his second discuss the supply ship that is still going to take days before its arrival. In town Schaal and Liza gather up food for camp. Liza heads back while Schaal heads to a beach on the edge of the town. She begins to remember the time she and Hank stood on the beach together but is interrupted by the sound of singing. She goes to investigate the singing and finds the Incarnate from the opening scene, Trice. She stands there admiring the singing, only just then to have a gun pointed at her back and told to not move. The man was about to shoot until Trice told him to put the gun down. Schaal introduces herself as William Bancrofts daughter, which seems to relieve Trice some bit. Trice, the man, Charles, and Schaal start atlking about the state that all the Incarnates are in. Those that are in hiding are an enemy to state and that there is a bounty on every last one of them.

Trice begins talking about how she used be a singer at a bar that Charles ran and that everyone who cam would instantly smile as if their troubles were erased for just moment. But all that changed once the war started. She was approached by the military telling her that she had capability to become an Incarnate and would help end the war. In the war she helped kill many and was regarded as a hero, but once they all came back they were only looked at as if they were just monsters.

Schaal wants to help Trice any way she could to cheer Trice up, so the next day she heads to the beach again and gathers sea shells and flowers. She goes see Trice and gives her a sea shell necklace and a crown of flowers. This cheers Trice up and they begin to bond with one another.

Meanwhile in New Patria, Cain is building a fortress and gathering all he can for the war between Patria.

Back with Schaal and Trice they continue to bond. As the sun sets, Schaal head back to camp when Claude approaches her and asks her of her whereabouts. He informs her to be careful around town as the townspeople do not like soldiers and anything might set them arise. Claude also tells Schaal that he wants to get out of the town and continue hunting and killing Incarnates as well as Cain, his older brother, and Hank.

Now at Charles’s bar where he is sitting at the piano playing a tune. A few men, with guns in hand, approach Charles asking him about his presence at the beach and strange song there too. Charles just comments that the Incarnate Extermination force is located near there. The men don’t buy it and begin to search his bar. Charles quickly attacks the men but in the scuffle a fire breaks out. One of the men grabs his gun and points it, what is assumed to be Charles.

Back on the beach with Trice, Charles walks in. Trice starts to talk about leaving the town until things have settled down and then returning to sing at his bar. Just then Charles drops to his knees grabbing his stomach where he was apparently shot. Trice is distraught but Charles tries to calm her down saying not to blame the townspeople for their fear. Charles collapses on the ground dead.

Now nighttime and people gathered in the streets, a song can be heard throughout. People are collapsing in the street and being put into a deep sleep.

Claude, his men, and Liza appear in town investigating what is happening. Liza pops up realizing that this is being done by the Incarnate Siren. Claude tells his men to split and find the Incarnate. Claude finds Siren sitting on a fountain in the middle of the street. He tries and struggles to resist the sound of the Sirens song. Schaal comes running in from behind Siren asking her why she is doing this. Trice in in s trance of her made out of anger for the death of Charles. Schaal manages to snap her out of it, but then a gunshot pierces Siren in the waist shot by Claude. Trice flies off escaping to Charles’s burnt down bar, where Schaal eventually meets her.

Schaal tries to tell Trice that she doesn’t have to do this and can find a way to sing like she used to. Trice smiles, happy to hear that Schaal believes in her dream. But just then multiple gunshot are fired from Claude’s men striking Trice multiple times. Schaal rushes over to comfort Trice. Trice starts to sing and Schaal tells the men, who are aiming their guns at Trice, that this is a different song and to let her sing. As Trice sings, the images of the past start to develop as a facade around her. The bar is repaired, people are cheering and clapping to her songs, and everyone is smiling including Trice while she sings on her stage one last time. Once the song was over, Trice collapses to the ground. Schaal runs over and holds her in her arms. Trice asks Schaal how her song was to which Schaal told her that it was lovely. Trice smiled and gave her last breath.

The next morning, the supply ships arrived and the men were packing up ready to move out. Schaal is waiting on the docks when Claude approaches her to essentially repremand her for getting in their way. He tells her that the next time she does that, he will shoot through her. He also informs her that Hank has been spotted in the central mountains.

Post credits we see Hank fighting an Incarnate. hank tries to transform into his werewolf state but is haunted by reverting into his true form. Even without his transformation, hank still manages to dodge the Incarnate and plant an explosive in its mouth and igniting it, killing the Incarnate. As Hank walks out further into the mountains, we see that he is being tracked down by another Incarnate: the other werewolf-like creature that he fought at Cain’s party.

This episode definitely continues the theme of who are the real monsters. Trice wanted to live in peace, and to be able to sing to the people and make them smile. But in their eyes, the people only she her as a monster because she is different. The episode definitely pulled at you heartstrings a little.

Thanks for reading.

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