Review: To the Abandoned Beasts Episode 6

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The King of the Beasts

A brief flashback starts the episode off where Hank remembers when Elaine shot him and then Cain kills Elaine right after, but as Elaine’s body falls to the ground Schaal takes the place of Elaine. Once Schaal’s body falls, Hank wakes up making us realize that it was just a nightmare. He sits up in his bed looking around somewhat confused as to how he got there and sees Schaal’s rifle in the corner. The street boy from last epiode walks in with food for Hank, sees that Hank is awake, and asks Hank why did those people take Schaal. Hank says that he will get her back and stares at the invitation that Cain gave him. The only way to save Schaal is for Hank to go to Cain’s party.

The scene shifts to the exterior of an enormous mansion. Schaal sits in the middle of a large room, bound by the spider womans thread. The little girl that’s at Cain’s side when he appaeared to Hank and Schaal at the church is eyeing her down curiously smiling as she checks Schaal’s blood dripping from her bound hands. Schaal questions the girl asking her if she always travels with Cain, in which she angrily told Schaal that she does have a name, Migieglia. (Which I am just going to refer to her from now on as Mig.) Schaal tries to questin her more but Mig just ignores her and starts commenting on Schaal’s blue eyes.

Enter the spider woman, who looks intimadating and creepy as she is half human half spider. She sees Schaal’s reaction to her and tells Schaal that she will not eat her, just questions her. She finds out that Schaal is the daughter of another Incarnate and is curious as to why Schaal travels with Hank who killed her father. Schaal’s only concern was why she was taken in the first place. The spider womans replies to her, to lure Hank to them.

Returning to the scene wher the last Incarnate was killed, Liza stands over the boy with a strange blonde haired man dressed in very formal military garb. They seek to find Hank who has not reported in or told of his wereabouts, but also they seek to find Cain’s location and suspect that Hank might know something.

Liza accompanies the man into the morgue, where they bodies the Gragoyle killed were being kept. In the morgue, only two people were not killed by the Gargoyle: a man and his wife. The man had large pieces eaten off of his body, that the police suspected was done by an animal, but the woman had no direct signs of what killed her. The military man, on a hunch, examined her neck where he found two holes that looked like bite marks. He came to the conclusion that Cain, who has been revealed to be a vampire-like Incarnate, turned the woman and forced the woman to attack her husband. The military man quickly turned to Liza and order her to investigate the couples mansion immediately, believeing that that is where Cain may be residing.

Now we skip back to the mansion, at night, where Hank stands outside the gate partially transformed ready to do what he must to save Schaal. Once inside, the other guests stare at him as Hank is the only one not dressed in formal attire. Their gaze does not stay on Hank for long as Cain approaches the balcony above overlooking everyone in the main hall. Hank glares at him angrily cursing his name.

Cain adresses the guests about the war, and how they all were mistreated and robbed by government but once the war was over the money, jewelery, and other precious items were not returned to them which made them lose a chance to regain their fortunes back. He continues saying that thanks to all of the contributions that the guests have made to Cain, his ideals of creating a government of his own making is about to come true. The power that he has will help him demolish the current government to create a new one.

With that said, a number of Incarnates make their way to the main hall showcasing the power the he was talking about. Hank stood there in disbelief at how many Incarnates Cain has on his side. The guests are amzed and enthralled by Cain’s “power,” and one of the guests walks over to one of the Incarnates commenting on its size and appearance. The Incarnated stares down at him, raises his giant claw, and crushes the guest into noting but a pool of blood. Cain them mutters that the usefulness of his guests are no longer needed and sends the Incarnates to attack the guests. One by one the guests are killed.

Hank no longer stands by and jumps into action. With his spear in hand he plunges it into the nearest Incarnates eye. Cain asks Hank that if they, the Incarnates, truly lost their humanity or their souls, or have the humans that only see them as tools and monsters, and wish to kill them now that they are done with them have lost their humanity and souls. The continues to tell Hank that they don’t deserve this fate even if they lose their humanity or they change. He will see to it that by any means necessary, he will eliminate every obstacle in his way to see his ideal come true. Hank is furious and asks him if he thinks of himself a god and can do what ever he wants because he may have power. Cain brushes it off and sends the other Incarnates to attack Hank.

Just as the Incarnates are about to attack Hank, every window shatters and men in military gear enter while the blonde haired man entered with more men through the main entrance. All of the men have on what looks to be jet pack on their back and air power thruster shoes on to combat the Incarnates. They surround the Incarnates working as a team and easily subdue one of the large Incarnates. While Hank and the other military men fight the Incarnates in the main hall, the blonde haired man stands before Cain cursing his name. Cain turns to the man and comments that his little brother has come to stop him.

Now we figure out why the blonde haired man’s name was never said.

Cain wonder if his little brother could even stop him. Just then a small beetle-like Incarnate attacks the little brother, but he dispatches it quickly. Cain only smirks. Two more Incarnates surround him: a werewolf-like Incarnate and a centaur-like Incarnate. Those two deam too much for him and can only defend. They throw him off the balcony crashing into a large hulking Incarnate. Just when the Incarnate was going to attack him, Hank stepped in dispatching the large Incarnate. The man’s men came running to him, revealing that he is their captain, and protected him. The battle continues but now Hank ahs to deal with the werewolf and centaur Incarnates. Cain tells Hank that he has to better to get to him and stop him, but before Cain could finish his sentence a shot his heard and a hole appears in Cain’s chest. Hank uses this oppurtunity and throws his spear at Cain, striking him in the face and igniting his spear cauing a large explosion engulfing the area around Cain. All what stood after the dust cleared was Cain’s lower half. Silence and stillness fell on everyone, Incarnates included, as they looked at Cain’s demise.

Unfortunately, that was not the end of Cain Madhouse. A red mist surrounded his body and his upper body began to regenerate. An older man standing beside the captain commneted calling Cain the Incarnate Vampire, “the immortal king of blood and the night.”

Once Cain regenerated he looks down at Hank, asking him one last time to join him but Hank refuses. Cain snaps his fingers and the spider woman, Elizabeth, appears with Schaal, now dressed in a beautiful blue and teal dress, strung on thread by her hands. Hank call out her name making Schaal come to. Cain threatens to take everything from Hank by killing Schaal. Enraged, Hank transforms into his werewolf form and lunges at Cain before he could kill Schaal, but is stopped by Elizabeth tying him up with her thread. Cain comments that this is just like the time with Elaine before he shoots Schaal in the stomach. Schaal falls to the ground as Hank could only watch. He sees the image of Elaine’s death flash before him in the visgae of Schaal. This sends Hank in an outrage completely losing his mind and transforming into his true form: a gianormous wolf-like creature. This form is so large that as he stands on all fours he crashes thorough the roof of the mansion. Cain just admires this form calling it the true king of the beasts.

The episode ends with Hank, now enraged, killing some of the Incarnates in the mansion and then heading for the town on a rampage.

Overall the episode was okay. It very much geared around revealing the main plot behind Cain and his motives. Schaal kinda had a small role in this episoed, escentially only being used as a mechansim to turn Hank into his true form. We did kinda find out why Hank never really lost his humanity, only do to that he never turned into his true form and only relied on his partial tranformation.

I do find it kinda anti-climatic in the scenes where the hero is in trouble and just then is saved by some external source coming to the rescue. It leaves the wonder and worry mute, because we now expect that the hero will always be saved so there is no need to worry.

Cain’s whole ideal is very interesting. He feels as though he and his comrades, the Incaranates, have been betrayed by the government that called upon their help. So now he wants to create a world where he rules with power and his comrades are free to live the way they want. It’s one of those scenarios that the goal may soind good and justified but the way that it is being done and the actions being taken are wrong.

Thank you for reading.

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