Review: To the Abandoned Beasts Episode 5

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Gargoyle’s Judgement:

Next Episode, new city: Whitechurch. A coal mining town with people trying to get rich quick. Liza, Hank, and Schaal’s mission is to investigate intel of Cain Madhouse’s, Hank’s ex-friend and ex-comrade from the war, presence in the town. Apparently he has been killing people night after night, very Jack the Ripper-esque feel. After asking several people around the town, they decide to find a place to rest and continue in the morning, much to Hank’s objection who wants to find Cain as soon as possible.

At the Inn, Schaal tries to ask Hank something, but he just brushes him off and tries to get some sleep. The scene shifts to the streets where a woman is running with terror in her eyes as something, what appears to be demon with wings, is chasing her from the sky. She is tackled to the ground, and with the monsters huge claw slashes her killing her, while a street kid looks in horror from around the corner.

Back at the Inn, Hank wakes up to see Schaal mending a bullet hole in his jacket from she shot him upon their first meeting, a fine way to say hello but she did think Hank was someone who just murdered her father because he was a monster. They talk about how Schaal helped her father in the orphanage and she finds out that Hank was raised in an orphanage as well. Hank has a nice flashback to his time in the orphanage where Elaine, his comrade who shot him before being killed herself by Cain, was mending his clothes back then too. Hank tells Schaal about what Cain, that Elaine was the one who created the Incarnates, and his task as Captain to kill his comrades before they lose all of their humanity. Schaal was having trouble going to sleep but before she could, Liza comes barging in telling Schaal that there is another victim.

The victim that we saw before is now strung up on a wall for all to see. Hank investigates the body and finds out that the claw marks are not consistent to the kind of claw marks that Cain could produce. The street boy starts explaining to the crowd that it was the demon statue that killed her but the policeman that was there didn’t believe him, but Hank did.

Hank revealed that the “demon” was in fact a Gargoyle, once a human named Topher who was a idealistic man of justice.

The boy led them to a tall church tower that the boy saw the Gargoyle retreat into. Liza tried to console the boy but he ran off in a huff, but not before tugging at her open chested shirt revealing her breasts. Schaal went after the boy wondering if he knew any more than what he told them. When she caught up with the boy, she asked him where he was going. The boy berated her for being around the military. She explained her situation with her father and how Hank killed him, and how she travels with him to figure out why the Incarnates must be killed.

The boy leaves but not before stealing an apple from a nearby cart. Schaal stop him and asks him why did her steal, to which the boy reveals that the Gargoyle killed his mother. His mother was no saint and did things that she had to do to keep her and her son fed and live. Just then the Gargoyle appears before them exclaiming that he witnessed what the boy just did and must repent his crime with his life. Schaal tries to protect the boy, to the Gargoyles annoyance and attacks them both. Schaal tries to get a shot off at the Gargoyle but hesitates and can’t fire her rifle. Just then Hank tackles the Gargoyle saving Schaal and the boy. The Gargoyles jumps back and declares that if Hank if there to kill him, then Hank is a sinner too and must die. Just before he flies off, he tell Hank that he will be waiting for him back at the church.

Back at the church, the Gargoyle looks out over the city. Behind him, Cain appears with a young girl. The Gargoyle refuses Cain’s previous offer, appearing to be an offer of teaming up with Cain for some unknown reason. Cain says that he is not here for that but to give the Gargoyle a bullet. The bullet can suppress an Incarnates power and even kill one if used right. The bullet is the actual version of kind that Hank uses. Hank uses a replica version, that can kill an Incarnate not suppress their powers.

Hank, now at the church, enters to find bodies strung up on the rafters above by the Gargoyle. The Gargoyle asks Hank if he likes the justice that he served these sinners. This sends Hank in a rage, transforming into the Werewolf, and begins attacking the gargoyle in a frenzy.

Back at the Inn Schaal sees that her rifle is missing realizing that the street boy took it to exact revenge on the Gargoyle for killing his mother.

All throughout the battle, Hank had the Gargoyle on the ropes. But when Hank pinned him to the ground, the Gargoyle shot Hank with the bullet that Cain gave him forcing him to transform back into his human form. The Gargoyle was about to kill Hank but before he could do it, the street boy entered and shot at the Gargoyle, missing of course. Schaal comes running in next who sees the boy is on the ground after being struck by the Gargoyle. Before the Gargoyle could lay a hand on Schaal, Hank rips out the bullet, transforms back into the Werewolf and plunges his hand into the Gargoyles chest leaving him severely wounded. While the Gargoyle aid on the ground, Hank now in his human form raises his gun and points it at the Gargoyles head. The Gargoyle tells Hank that he has no justice, to which Hank agrees, and a shot is heard as the scene pans to the exterior of church.

Schaal runs over to find Hank, but as she makes her way to him, lines of thread surround her neck and arms. Behind her, Cain and the little girl appear from the shadows. As Schaal struggles, a spider-like woman appears around her telling her not to struggle before pricking Schaal in the neck with her fingernail. Schaal falls unconscious. Hank recognizes her and calls out her name: Elizabeth. Cain gives Hank an invitation and tells him that as long as he comes to the place in the invitation, he will give Schaal back to him. The episode ends with Hank collapsing on the ground from his injuries.

Overall the episode was good. It seems to carry a similar structure from episode to episode: arrive in new place, find out where the Incarnate is, and then kill it. The only differences in this one is that we are now discovering more to what Cain is up to, and seeing a growth in Hank and Schaal’s partnership.

I definitely liked the theme of justice and the obscurity of it. Some think seeking justice is bringing criminals to face the consequences of their crimes, but for others it may be more of a harsh punishment. Justice for some is not justice for all.

Thank you reading. Please leave comments on your thoughts on the series so far and also on the reviews.

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