Review: To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts Episode 3

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The episode titled “The Minotaur’s Fortress,” of course says what monster is appearing, a Minotaur. But first we are introduced to a new character that works with Hank on getting info on each of the Incarnates, Liza. She informs Hank and Schaal that the Minotaur Incarnate has built an enormous fortress from other buildings in the surrounding town, completely destroying peoples homes all because of some enemy of the previous war. People in the town just think he is a monster and want the Incarnate gone. Schaal thinks that there is another way to deal with the Incarnate instead of just killing him, but Hank sees only one way to end it: killing the Incarnate.

A flashback shows the human side of the Minotaur Incarnate, Theo, before he went mad. Theo was always a scared man who feared death above everything else. It was actually Hank that showed him a way to take his mind off the fear. If he were to prepare everything that he could before the fighting and ready himself, then he did all he could and his fear should lessen. But now that he went mad as an Incarnate, his fear doubled and thinks that enemies are coming for him ti kill him.

Once night fell, Hank left to fight his old comrade. Schaal followed him, to Hanks objection. Once in the fortress Schaal nearly gets cut in two by a falling circular blade, but Hank saves her before it touched her. Before they enter a large doorway, Hank activates a trap and a large gate separates Hank and Schaal. He tells her to turn back because its too dangerous to continue on. She objects, but cannot open the gate. Liza appears, opens the gate and they follow Hank to where the Minotaur is waiting. Once they reach the fighting, Schaal and Liza see Hank, who looks beaten, but Liza reassures her that he is fine. Hank transforms into a Werewolf and easily defeats the Minotaur. As Theo laid dying he tells Hank that he guesses he does not need to fear death anymore, closes his eyes and smiles. A shot rang out from Hank’s gun and blood can be seen dripping from Theo’s head. The episode ends with Hank looking up into the night sky while standing next to his comrades body.

Overall the episode was good. Each episode seems to be going on a trend of showing them as monsters, but also showing there human sides as well. It also shows the reason why each person suffers, and the reason for their actions.

I will say that the series is kinda slow, with brief action when Hank is about to kill the ravaging Incarnate. It definitely seems more geared on drama than action.

Thank you for reading this and now that work has slowed down, I should be able to keep up with reviews and hoping soon to have a short story out as well.

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