Intro to My Blog

Writing clears my mind, making life around me disappear for as long as I write. Its relaxing and calming. The freedom that it gives you to create something from your own thoughts is incredible. The freedom that you have to write whatever it is even if it is grammatically or structurally incorrect, it is incredible. Writing is Freedom.

Film, which includes: Movies, TV shows, and even anime are things that express peoples creativity. I love watching movies from indie films to blockbuster movies and see the creativeness of them. TV shows are great to expand a characters growth in the series for the audience to love or hate them. Anime, or simply Japanese animation, are wonderful because they cover a broad spectrum of possibilities that perhaps one could not due in a movie or TV show due to safety, money, etc, but can still have an incredible impact on the person watching it. And all of that comes from the freedom of writing through imagination.

Everyone has a story to tell, some more interesting than others, but all worth hearing and listening to. We may not all agree on the same thing or the same opinion, but that is what makes us different and unique. Our opinions may be different, but they all matter.

In this Blog I want tell my story, or stories, for people to read. Whether you like it or dislike it, I thank you. I also will review movies, TV shows, and anime in a way that focuses on the cinematography, visuals, music, and more but also share my overall opinion on it, and I invite you to comment your opinion on it if have seen it and we can discuss everything about it.

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